Company cultrue

Our company was established in 2007 March.We after 8 years of recruitment and selection of excellent massage bring you good service, we ensure that every massage the authenticity of the photos, we present service every city of China and Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, we will continue to increase the range of services, in order to better for your service, you can register as our member, ( our membership is free, of course, you can also become our VIP, can enjoy more from our company offers )Our full service consumer support for all BANK CARD online payment function. Our boys all have health certificate and take physical examination,can do massage for evaluation, we each massage photos below are comments, we will continue efforts to improve


  • No.722

    Age:22year Hight:175cm

    Weight:60kg City:shanghai

  • No.721

    Age:22year Hight:178cm

    Weight:60kg City:shanghai

  • No.719

    Age:20year Hight:176cm

    Weight:58kg City:shanghai

  • No.777

    Age:26year Hight:178cm

    Weight:65kg City:shanghai

  • No.630

    Age:22year Hight:175cm

    Weight:60kg City:Singapore

  • No.564

    Age:25year Hight:176cm

    Weight:70kg City:shenzhen

  • No.499

    Age:20year Hight:179cm

    Weight:65kg City:beijing