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China Entertainment Network on June 5 news,gay sauna  according to Taiwan media reports, Guo biting today (4) afternoon to attend the Bao Bao ISSEY MIYAKE new autumn and winter planning exhibition, preemptive performances Taiwan exclusive models TOKOLO pattern lake green Bao Bao handbags. Recently there have been rumors that she and Taiwan model son stick Wan soft out female female love, Guo biting not only refuted rumors, position she is single now,gay bar even exposes friends emotional states: "each other is actually a male friend, hope he saw the news not angry."
Guo biting today appeared slightly stiff smile, ask under, not to catch up with the micro wave shaping, but to take advantage of the last no filming a new movie, hastened to do the teeth correction. She said, at present the teeth have completed treatment, only the row still wearing braces, is expected to put on 3 months. Her original expectations because braces uncomfortable, appetite and thinner, unexpectedly only micro adjustment, so there is no less pain, appetite is still very good,  gay male massage videos Guo biting wry smile said: "I even please dentist help me to pull on the line, but he ignored me."gay sky massage