Greet the event with best results news (News Network): the upcoming meeting of the party's nineteen, undertake planning the comprehensive well-off society, to further promote the major task of socialist modernization construction, which China fate is related to the fundamental interests of the people, great mission, cadres and the masses to dance for joy, full of hope, they said, to take practical action striving for success, to meet the nineteen big victory is massage
Lhasa reaches the East Village, the scenery is delightful. Since last year, adhere to the "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept, as Dong ethnic characteristics mining resources, the development of cultural tourism industry, once the" Earth plane food "of farmers and herdsmen, have their own teahouse, farmhouse, eat a meal" tourism".gay spa
"A well-off road can not be left behind."". This is a solemn commitment made by Comrade Xi Jinping at the core of the Party Central Committee to the people of the whole country. Henan Shangqiu pond township is the hometown of chili peppers, and in the past two years, the village has set up cooperatives, which have become a pillar industry for local farmers to get rid of poverty and increase club
Guangxi, Beihai and Tieshan ports are busy on the weekend. The port throughput has been increasing rapidly in recent years, and has reached more than twelve million tons. The work in the harbor for 7 years Ding Anmin told reporters, "thanks to the national implementation of the The Belt and Road" strategy.
Six years ago, Qiang girl Wang Yan and her family came to Sichuan, Beichuan. With one hand Qiang embroidery skills, to start a national jewelry business. Wang Yan told reporters, the biggest driving force for her business is to learn the general secretary of a bar
The upcoming nineteen, we say, we must closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, based on positions, really work hard, with the best conditions and achievements to greet the sauna