Drug-related personnel have been disqualified from driving

Recently, the traffic police department of Zhenjiang issued to the community this year, the first "void order" - Zhenjiang city wide, a total of 84 "drug-related personnel" driver's license was centralized announcement invalid. September 5th, the police informed the media all the names of the staff, the reporter learned that the announcement of the driver's license invalid 84 drug-related personnel among them, the youngest 25 years old, the oldest 53 years old. Among them, 7 women, accounting for 8.64%; 35 years of age 35 people, accounting for 43.20%.boy massage
Zhenjiang city traffic police detachment relevant responsible person said, drug driving great harm to society, people will appear mental excitement, delusions and hallucinations after taking drugs, leading to poor judgment or even complete loss of judgment, driving ability seriously weakened.gay escort Therefore, after the drug use, driving a motor vehicle easily lead to traffic accidents, especially easy to lead to the occurrence of malignant traffic accidents. Even if the "drug-related personnel" before driving or driving without taking drugs, but because of the addiction, the brain is toxicity accumulation serious violation, the driver will appear manic, subjective mental disorders, or other symptoms of malaise, decadent neural inhibition. The "poison driving" reaction time is slower than drunk driving. It is a major risk of a serious traffic accident. "Drug driving" as a dangerous driving behavior will seriously endanger social security.male massage
According to the provisions of the "motor vehicle driver's license and use" (Ministry of public security, No. 139) was seized with drug injection, driving behavior, is the implementation of community treatment, forced isolation treatment, community rehabilitation measures, or dependence on long-term use of psychotropic drugs addiction is still not get rid of the motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked, not to recover the motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle driving license shall be announced invalid.gay sex massage At the same time, within three years of smoking, injecting drugs or lifting compulsory isolation drug treatment measures, less than three years, or long-term dependence addiction addiction drug addiction has not yet quit, shall not apply for a driver's license.
Reporters learned that, in order to strengthen the driver source control, eliminating road safety hazards, Zhenjiang traffic police departments and drug control institutions formed a linkage mechanism, to achieve the "drug-related personnel" real-time data docking. Recently, Zhenjiang police department to strengthen the "drug-related personnel" basic information on review, found that the driver has drug-related behavior, which is in accordance with the statutory procedures, in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations to be disposed of, the announcement of the 84 "drug-related personnel" driving license is "void", is a multi sectoral collaboration, information sharing results. gay male massage videos