Square singing, banned in accordance with law

In the open square erected a projector, a speaker, a microphone, people pay 5 yuan to sing a song, the recent Xicheng appear a lot of these for-profit open KTV, because the operating behavior of noise nuisance, urban management department shall be banned.shanghai gay massage
"Xianhe court district outside the square every night to open" people concert ", very disturbing." Whistleblower Ms. Yang said that the formation of the "people" concert because someone is using the "Cara OK jukebox" engaged in business activities to be banned. Binhu urban landscape of the city law enforcement squadron members arrived at the scene found that the high power player is playing loud music, a man with a hoarse voice singing cantonese song "singing around" as boundless as the sea and sky, around more than 30 people. The man just finished, there are onlookers took the microphone to the ktv. To sing to the public next to a man to pay 5 yuan of money, Cara to participate in china male massage OK activities and jukebox scene, many nearby construction workers.
The scene of a construction worker said, not what work spare time entertainment, fine jukebox on the square, when a bad mood over the roar of a voice, the mood is good. But this open KTV let nearby residents complain incessantly. A district resident said, open KTV sound too loud, they are at home watching TV can't hear the dialogue, even if no one song, the operators will play music to attract guests, not a moment to stop.
Field law enforcement officers banned the open-air KTV. But many onlookers expressed dissatisfaction, that urban management departments interfere in their normal entertainment life, and accused the urban management department of square dance treble nuisance behavior indifferent, law enforcement unfair. The Urban Management Department explained that the open-air KTV did not obtain legal formalities, no fixed place of business conditions, to charge people singing song, belong to unlicensed Jeeves behavior, so it can be banned. The square dance is people spontaneously organized mass recreation projects, not related to management fees, belongs to the social life noise in the square, in accordance with the division of functions belong to the public security department under the jurisdiction, advised the public to the local public security department report.china gay massage