Japan will practice how to suppress Chinese ships

[Global Times special correspondent in Japan blue horse song] for the Diaoyu Islands to strengthen the "maritime security", after the record from the budget allocated to build large patrol boats, the Japan Coast Guard and shooting training field added on the island of Miyako Island, Chinese ships and practice how to suppress in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands.gay massage
Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on 6, the coast guard is built for the first time shooting training in Islands, and the island of Miyako Island is the stronghold of the Diaoyu Islands alert. The new shooting range is expected to be completed in 2019. At the same time, the marine security department decided to carry out training during the year, assuming that the Chinese ship "invaded Japan's territorial waters". What measures and methods should the Japanese maritime security department take to suppress it?. Reported that the maritime security department believes that, because Japan will Diaoyu Islands nationalization, the Chinese maritime police ship "invasion of Japan's territorial waters" incident continues to occur, improving security capabilities on the island of Miyako Island is an important issue in the future.male massage
Lu Hao China Cass Japan expert at day 6 to accept the "Global Times" reporter interview that the coast guard is strengthen the Japanese sea power led "frontline forces", play the daring vanguard role in Japan and neighboring countries for marine rights when China. The sea of Japan actively expanding budget, expansion of training facilities, focus on the training of "actual combat", aimed at strengthening the various events on the sea "forced intervention" ability. Obviously, in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands fishing activities Chinese and official ship is the sea of Japan's largest "hypothetical opponent". In the first line of the sea to carry out "actively fight" policy, will increase the probability of Japan and China and other maritime rights disputes clearly neighbours "spark a conflict accidentally".boy massage
Many Japanese media have mentioned that 11 will usher in Japan's Diaoyu Islands nationalization of 5th anniversary. 5 years ago, it was Japan's wrong decision that caused the Sino Japanese relationship to drop to freezing point. However, after 5 years, Japanese media are still doing their best to exaggerate and strengthen China's resistance. Last summer, as many as 15 Chinese official ships sailed alongside Japan's adjacent waters, the Japan economic news said. Japan's maritime security agency needs to increase its security capability. "Deep Japan," the website quoted Yamada Yoshihiko, a professor of marine science at Tokai University in Japan, said, "the security environment in the Japanese waters has exceeded the scope of the crisis and is very dangerous.". To this end, the Japanese maritime safety agency must work with the maritime self-defense forces to jointly guard the Japanese ocean.gay sex massage
Lu Hao of the "Global Times" reporter said, despite the current Sino Japanese relations have eased the momentum of stabilization, but the issue of the Diaoyu Islands is still potential explosion point of the relations between the two countries". Japan insists on promoting a competitive marine strategy and continues to focus on the "Southwest islands" line in security policy, concentrating on the allocation of strategic resources and continuing confrontation with the Chinese side. At present, around the Diaoyu Islands, China and Japan still have the basic consensus of controlling the situation and avoiding the expansion of the crisis, and there is also room for coordination and cooperation. However, if Japan insists on the thinking of the imaginary enemy, and tries to win the rights and interests of Japan that does not belong to Japan on a unilateral basis, it will obviously not help solve the problem and the overall situation of China Japan relations, nor can we achieve the goal that we intend to achieve.china male massage