Against the "Sade" the public clashed with the Korean police

South Korean Defense Ministry decided in September 6th, 7 will be held in Gyeongbuk Seongju "Sade" base deployment of the remaining 4 launch vehicles. 6 night, a large number of people gathered in the distance of the nearest location in Shaoguan deployment into the village, gay bar blocked roads, against the remaining four launch vehicles into the base. According to Yonhap reported on September 7th, South Korean police within 5 hours completed more than 400 anti "Sade" demonstrators and related groups of people forced to disperse. In the process, clashes broke out between the people and the police, wounding 27 people and being taken to spa
Reported that the police were to Seongju Shao into the investment in more than 8000 police officers, more than 10 times the warning to the crowd, trying to disperse the protesters, but strong resistance by the protesters, the protesters chanted "violent police away" slogan, someone threw a water bottle to the police. The demonstrators parked more than 30 vehicles in the hall before the two Shao Village Lane, sitting in the car around the confrontation with the police. More than 30 demonstrators tied each other with ropes, and some people chained the body to the car. Demonstrators who resisted the demonstrators pushed and pushed the car away, and more than 70 demonstrators were dispersed by club
But "Sade" people said, the police dispersed the work of violence and cruelty, protesters will smash the ground, drag drag. As in the comprehensive status of Shao chamber official said, the current government and government park is no different, for criminal act, there is no change of regime change, says it will absolutely not accept "sade". State resident Lee said that although the South Korean government agreed to inform the relevant content before the additional deployment, but only within a few hours after the notification sent police expelled from the rally, the people think that this is playing sauna