The man was drunk fainted unconscious

In September 5th, a man was drunk in the blood of baijiahu station on Nanjing Metro Line 1 subway, fortunately police rushed to take the initial emergency measures, finally through the drunken man.shanghai gay massage
September 5th at 3 in the afternoon, a hundred Lake Station passengers to patrol police reflect, said a drunken man passenger subway ride to hundreds of Lake station platform, just out of the train, fell to the ground, unconscious. The police rushed to the scene, saw a man lying in the subway station hall, delirious, clothes and beside a large besmeared with blood, vomit blood mixed with stalls. Police rushed immediately call the 120 emergency call. In order to prevent the drunken man was vomit tracheal blockage caused by suffocation, police take preliminary treatment measures: his head to one side, carefully clean up the blood and vomit drunk man in the mouth, and the crowd evacuation, keep the air escort
After processing, the police in the bag with drunk men found his ID card and mobile phone, and promptly contact the drunken man Miao mother, and tell the matter through. After the 120 ambulance arrived, the police and emergency personnel carried Miao together to the stretcher and escorted them to the ambulance all the way. After the doctor diagnosed, Miao is due to excessive drinking caused by bleeding stomach vein, but fortunately due to timely medical treatment, get timely treatment. Miao is currently a stable injury, the hospital is further male massage videos
Metro police remind the public: the wine is good, can not drink alcohol on the human body, the esophagus and gastrointestinal mucosa has a strong irritant. According to the relevant provisions of the Nanjing subway ride, do not ride alone after the ride, and should be accompanied by a taxi home, in case of