The earthquake in Mexico has killed 9 people

Xinhua Beijing September 8 Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Mexico City, Managua reporters: Mexico Chiapas Civil Defense Department confirmed that 8 occurred in the evening of 7 earthquake has caused 7 people were killed in the state, the governor of Tabasco, the state has confirmed two deaths. So far, the earthquake has killed 9 massage
Chiapas Civil Defense Department Jose Garcia told Xinhua reporters that, 7 were killed in the earthquake in the state, there are 6 people in a local church was killed, the other victims because of the collapse of the wall was pressed to club
Tabasco governor Arturo Nunez 8 morning confirmed that the two minors triggered by the earthquake caused power outages and death respirator interrupt.male massage
After the earthquake, people in Mexico kept uploading video from mobile phones to social media. Video shows, in Mexico City, the city's street lights on the overpass obviously sway, downtown Independent Monument also appeared shaking. In Chiapas, some of the buildings in the earthquake damage, collapse, ground rubble, and vehicles damaged in the bar
Mexico National Earthquake Center 8 morning update earthquake news, the 7 day Chiapas tonara 137 kilometers southwest of the waters of the earthquake by 8 correction is 8.4, the focal depth of 19 km. Guatemala National Disaster Reduction Center 7, said Guatemala was also affected by the earthquake, the whole country felt spa