College students will foul language and insult China

The spread of the Internet in Hong Kong university students before the fragment, President Zhou Shufeng, emotional and mainland students in the match, today issued a statement that, for students to openly use insulting Chinese words malicious personal attacks be sauna
Fragment, a group of students posting posters in the simplified Chinese Democracy Wall, dressed in black Zhou Shufeng looks on during the is not a man asked why Cantonese pronunciation students will not clear the "Hong Kong Independence" poster.boy massage
Today issued a statement in response to say, from internal and external source for short complaints that students use foul language, but also to disgrace China "school students openly used insulting Chinese words malicious personal attacks be condemned, that is" serious offensive speech, the experienced people ravaged two war and their descendants, the pain is deep, contrary to the moral norms and expectations, sad." The spokesman said the proceedings had been initiated and stressed the seriousness of the incident.
They reiterated the consistent position was not in favor of Hong Kong Independence, according to the campus to support Hong Kong Independence display, through the teachers and students and Student Center Management Committee to continue discussions, hope to achieve proper arrangements.
Former president of the University of Hong Kong Student Association and the mainland students dispute, mouth explosive, insulting sex massage
After the start of the school, the wall of democracy on the campus of Chinese University Hong Kong was plastered with "Hong Kong Independence" posters. A mainland girl will tear the poster, student union cadres found after the suppression, the two sides dispute video captured by reporters, causing users hot discussion. Around 7 in the afternoon around 5, large and medium-sized mainland students spontaneously organized protests. But at the end of the protests, the former president of the Chinese University Hong Kong student union was at the Democratic wall, arguing with the mainland students. Cantonese insults mainland students constantly with the mouth, in his words, even the words of this insult China ". gay male massage videos