For the first time to expose the maternal life falls

If the child inside her wife Ma furry gave birth, Yan Zhuangzhuang will become a father in the coming 30 years ago, a house and a car, as long as he is willing to have a stable job can do to retire, he will have the eyes of Shaanxi "wife child hot Kang health day".gay escort
No one had expected, in August 31, 2017, this is the birthday of his son, became his wife and son died. He did not expect, in addition to the death of their loved ones grief, waiting for him, and the Internet be strangers to each other the people of his insults and curses.
The horse furry suddenly falls dead, bring the family more than grief, there are a series of wonder mystery.
Details: maternal life falls to expose the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law well slept in a bed
"If you are not afraid of death, how can you not bear the pain of having a baby? The pain is accompanied by joy."." The extension of strong tangsao Sun Xili does not want to understand.
Not only the sister-in-law, but also the Ma Niang's mother and her family.
The same day, in the delivery room of the family (including her husband and mother-in-law, Ma Yan big furry mother Hao Yingai, and her husband Er Gu) first told women can not find, then was told that lost maternal was found in a building. From five downstairs to the first floor, they lay naked on the floor.
Later, they were told that the woman was invalid and declared dead, a corpse and two lives.
In September 4th, Yan Yan Zhuangzhuang uncle Wencheng as representatives of the families, into the morgue. He told China Newsweek that he saw the scene: the horse's head was covered with gauze, his legs were broken, his left leg was partly exposed, and his eyes were still open and his stomach was still big.
1.61 meters tall horse furry, bulging pregnant belly, with prenatal pain, is how to climb up to 1.13 meters, 0.7 meters wide windowsill immediately falls? Although the investigation conclusion is self jumping, but according to previously disclosed to the media information delay you.shanghai gay massage
Police told him that a nurse tried to hold her clothes before the horse jumped, but did not pull it off. Is this the reason why the family members are not wearing clothes when they see the Antler on the first floor? So far, these doubts have not been reliably explained.
Live in a room with her mother-in-law and sleep in the same bed,
She was very spoiled by her mother-in-law
One week after the incident, the sun tangsao horse furry from WeChat and QQ friends list removed -- she is in her furry horse walking horse is the most frequent relatives, furry friend in Suide. Two, people often sleep in the same bed. A few days before entering the hospital to be produced, the horse is furry to have her house.
"Sister, I bought a pregnancy test, they checked, is the two line, I'm pregnant." One day eight months ago, Ma called her sister-in-law and asked her to come to the cosmetics store where she was working. On the same day, there is a skin care products in the promotion, it is often used in the Tang Sao brand, Tang sister-in-law came to the shop after the horse antler face to her sister-in-law to share the news of her pregnancy.
Details: maternal life falls to expose the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law well slept in a bed.beijing male massage
Zhang Zhen Zhen Yan Feng Cun Ji Zhuangzhuang uncle door week sweet / photo
Sun Xili told China News Weekly that the face on her face had not been forgotten, and she said it was impossible to describe the joy of the horse in words. It is also the day, Ma furry shop formally to resign, after more than 20 days of work after the handover, the horse began to furry heart at home to be produced.
The husband Yan Zhuangzhuang busy with work, no time to take care of the horses sometimes hairy, then mother-in-law came home from the Suide County, and they live together, take care of his pregnant daughter-in-law. Baby two months ago, when the summer, because the family home of the village live in the kiln chamber, Dongnuanxialiang, horse furry back to the village to summer, mother-in-law and her back together for more than 50 days. During that time she stayed in a room with her mother-in-law and slept in the same bed. She was very spoiled by her mother-in-law.
The village people say, in their village, daughter-in-law home position is very high, even more extended family. Parents remember the birthday of Ma Ma Ma, will give her a bag of red envelopes, which is also a custom in the village. 2017 New Year's Eve, the horse is hairy in the first spring festival in the Yin Zhuang Zhuang, give her a pack of one thousand yuan red envelope. Sun Xili said, she married 15 years, never received her new year's Eve "red, very envious furry horse".
Tangsao is the extension of her strong uncle home, often called hairy horse. There is a nearly five hundred meter high slope in front of the horse uncle, furry stand more than eight months pregnant, one uphill downhill, in addition, she also often go from one end of the village to the other end, the entire 5 km, this is her way to exercise.
The horse's antler has been preparing for the natural labor. Because, according to her experience before telling her, the natural recovery is very fast, the pain is more severe after caesarean section. However, they are not non natural. If the situation is not allowed, she and her family agreed to follow the advice of the hospital for caesarean section. According to tangsao, this is accompanied by the horse furry expectant family outside the delivery room and doctor to discuss and put forward the.
You married,
Just take advantage of other people's honesty
From Suide county to the town of Ji Zhen Zhang Jia Feng Cun, need one hour drive, remote village, along the winding mountain road, where the taxi master is not willing to go, because the remote to return almost pull to the passengers.china male massage
The extension you own a car, although it is not what he will drive the car, I and wife Ma furry together, from Suide county to return to their village to visit their parents.
The extension of his 29 year old college graduate, go to Xi'an to work for a couple of