Promote housing reform, good control work

The day before, deputy secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee, acting mayor Chen Jining on in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Beijing important speech, earnestly implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress, to conduct research on the city housing and real estate regulation. He stressed that to adhere to the establishment of housing residential property, purchase and rent housing system, and promote the reform of the housing supply side, continue to do the work of real estate regulation, to ensure that prices do not increase this year, and gradually establish a housing long-term mechanism, efforts to achieve long-term stable and healthy development of the real estate market in massage
Beijing acting mayor Chen Jining: to ensure that prices do not increase this year, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee, acting mayor Chen Jining. Visual Chinese map
Haidian's first banyan tree exchange self occupied housing project is the city's housing sales order adjustment pilot project, for the first time for the Zhongguancun park housing workers priority Yaohao purchase, all the houses are allocated to the area of Haidian Hukou houseless families, in order to promote job housing balance. In the construction site, Chen Jining detailed understanding of the project price, Huxing area, public facilities and so on. He said, should be fine residential district planning of public service facilities, establish a sound management mechanism, the convenience stores, barber shops, food stores, pharmacies and public life of commercial services, come to stay, let the residents living more convenient. Haidian District is located in the town of Zhongguancun hot springs small town, is the city's collective land construction rental housing pilot, but also the country's first record of public rental housing projects, there are more than 300 entrepreneurial teams settled. Chen Jining walked into the town of union January this year in the Voight company, to the company responsible for the detailed understanding of settled feeling and service demand, praised the hit off town model not only solves the problem of land use and job housing balance, and the cultivation of innovative new power, the multiple construction ideas worth spreading.
In the subsequent meeting of the forum, Chen Jining pointed out that this year, Beijing resolutely implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, the house was used to live, not to stir the important instructions, party secretary Cai Qi personally, the continuous introduction of 18 regulatory policies, promoting housing supply side reforms, released the next five years with 1 million 500 thousand residential units the supply plan, and gradually build up the institutional framework to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, maintain the stability of the real estate market in Beijing. Data show that the new housing price growth for 11 consecutive months, second-hand housing price index in August fell 0.8%, the chain fell for three consecutive months, ranking first in the country, as of the end of August low-income housing new construction 49 thousand units, completed 71 thousand units.shanghai male massage
Chen Jining pointed out that the real estate regulation is a long-term and arduous task, to adhere to the strategic vision and long-term thinking, remain highly sensitive to the state, to spare no effort to do the work of real estate regulation; housing supply system to improve the basic housing security system and purchase rental simultaneously, to promote job housing balance; resolutely curb investment and speculative hundred-percent, grasp task implementation, the real estate industry to promote the stable and healthy development; keep close track of the market, further evaluation of implementation effect of existing policy, good policy reserves, to further improve the policy measures and timely introduction of leakage repair. To include the rigid demand, the improvement demand, including each kind of latent demand, achieves the good idea, plans ahead of time, helps more people to realize the residence.male massage
Chen Jining stressed the need to vigorously promote the reform of the housing supply side, and establish a sound and long-term mechanism to promote the smooth and healthy development of the property market. One must pay for the land. This is the first year of the 1 million 500 thousand set of residential land supply plan, to ensure the completion, started putting the gun, and at the same time, plan for the next year, to establish and perfect the pothook and a dual control mechanism to improve the accuracy of the approved; 1 million 500 thousand residential groups to buy, placing rent groups, and to families without housing the high-end talent, including non Beijing tilt; scientific location,china gay massage plots to meet the new city planning, the new land release to promote the realization of job housing balance; to do the construction of collective land rental housing pilot, explore the new mechanism and new pattern. Two, we must pay attention to management. The key to implement and improve the policies and purchase rent, the positive development of the housing rental market, rental housing has become an important channel for residents to housing; implement the housing lease, there are property related policies, the implementation of protection measures of legal and stable living tenant, focus on the stability of the lease relationship, and actively promote the relevant policies to empower leasing housing floor. Three, grasp the quality. To improve the design level, to further meet the needs of residents living quality and function, make housing more livable; improve the supporting construction, to set aside public space for public service facilities, schools, hospitals, community care agencies, such as convenience stores in the planning, improve the service level and satisfy the needs of the residents; strict housing construction standards in building materials and construction strictly, ensure the quality of construction, with a high sense of responsibility to the people, do a solid job in housing construction management.boy massage
Chen Jining stressed that the district government attaches great importance to the commodity residential land supply, give full play to program communication and coordination, by the relevant municipal platform, strengthen coordination efforts, to ensure that the work according to the time limit for the completion of inspection. The District, departments should continue to unswervingly implement the real estate control measures, to ensure stable and healthy development of the real estate market in the capital, to promote housing goals, as the party's nineteen big victory held to create a good sex massage
Vice mayor Sui Zhenjiang, Secretary General of the municipal government Li Wei research together.