CCDI published an article: pull out the "sick tree" guardian of the forest"

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection review of the management of cadres in the case, more than 60% of the problem clues from inspection; according to the inspections transfer issues clues, local discipline inspection and supervision organs examined 1326 bureau level cadres, cadres at county level 8957; systemic collapse mode corruption case in Shanxi, Hunan Hengyang, Sichuan Nanchong electoral sabotage case, canvassing bribery case Liaoning canvassing bribery case is revealed by the inspection; poverty alleviation livelihood problems, the central state organs of "black light" problem, implement the central decision-making arrangements "obstruction", was first discovered by inspection; little giant official corruption corruption, a genius, two systems, cultural circles, eliminate the pernicious influence a large number of "hot words", "party concept, organizational slack, slack discipline" the leadership of the party, the party's construction, lack of weakening comprehensive strictly "weak" The party's party management, wide and soft, and other deep-seated problems, were first outlined by the tour......
This magazine is full of dry cargo in addition, influential, also published 9 articles inspection stories, detailed disclosure of the inspection teams of the two sacked Hengyang municipal Party Secretary Zhang Wenxiong and Li Yilong, director of the Political Department of the Ministry of justice, the former party member, Lu Enguang, former chairman of China Unicom China problems found after Chang Xiaobing et al.
In order to dig the original ecological and political corruption bottomed out, inspection teams to carry out a large-scale and multi-level conversation and in-depth understanding, especially with the Hengyang electoral sabotage case related more than 100 cadres and the masses in-depth conversation soon found that children were modest former party secretary Zhang Wenxiong (former Hunan Provincial Committee, provincial Party committee Propaganda Department of the former minister) related issues and successor party secretary Li Yilong.The tour, many cadres and the masses of Zhang Wenxiong is "both sides": on the one hand, Zhang Wenxiong is diligent, work hard work, served as secretary of the Huaihua municipal Party committee, Hengyang provincial Party committee, at the beginning only 49 years; on the other hand, he often surface a set back in 2012, "Hengyang farewell", there are thousands of farewell the cadres and masses queuing, there are artificial spa
During his tenure in Hengyang, Zhang Wenxiong was in a bad relationship with a private owner in Hengyang. He was paid by the boss during the Spring Festival and traveled abroad. By talking individually at the sinking level in Hengyang, the inspection team was acutely aware of the information. Then Shuntengmogua found Zhang Wenxiong connivance, acquiescence by the families of the Hengyang party secretary positions influence for personal gain and other large issues clues.
Inspection teams in accordance with the provisions of the relevant issues quickly Zhang Wenxiong clues handed over to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, so far, Hengyang and another municipal Party Secretary Corruption surfaced. In November 2016, Zhang Wenxiong was suspected of serious violation and was investigated by the club
For the local to "bully pretty" is known as the Li Yilong, the inspection teams also by talking about his "boss" and some private companies often address each other as brothers', never hesitated, promoted a large number of his obedient cadres "and" Standing Committee are Li Yilong a person say "key information.
In a car out of the investigation, Li Yilong asked the head of the Organization Department of the Hengyang municipal Party committee to promote a cadre, the official believes that the promotion of the cadres do not meet the organizational procedures. Li Yilong when a car yelled at the person in charge: "what is consistent with the program does not comply with the program, let you promoted on the promotion, you don't listen to not believe I put you out?"gay sauna
March 2016, in the central sixth inspection team resident conference room, several tour cadres around Lu Enguang's personal files, in-depth examination of the fine nucleus.
Lu Enguang was originally from a private teacher, the boss of the private enterprise, became the deputy mayor, and after just a few years time, transferred to Beijing to become vice level leading cadres, to become leaders of the Ministry of justice, the patrol cadres "look at his resume always feel strange".
However, Lu Enguang's files are closely linked with each other, and both the official seal and the leader's signature are complete. Although there are some problems such as the irregular appointment and appointment of cadres and the doubt of their handwriting, they can hardly be decided for a bar
Patrol stationed at the beginning, Lu Enguang no negative reaction. The man is often among the best in the Justice Department's satisfaction assessment, and his colleagues rated him as "good at seeing everyone, laughing at everyone, and getting along well with everyone."." Inspection teams stationed, he will assume the duties of head of the liaison group visits, inspection teams, up and down all the people are very enthusiastic, but as the director of the political department, not to talk about a cadre of defects in the inspection in the conversation, are the words of praise.
There's always something wrong. Soon, letters and letters came. Report letter said, Lu Enguang files have serious fraud. Inspection team leader Chen Ruiping keen attention to this information, and access to the Ministry of discipline inspection group petition ledger found that there have been similar reports. "Repeat the report, to be strong, it may not Weakness lends wings to rumours. for this kind of problem, the masses firmly
Soon after, a letter was sent to the visiting cadres. The letter said Lu Enguang archives have serious fraud. Inspection team leader Chen Ruiping keen attention to this information, and access to the Ministry of discipline inspection group petition ledger found that there have been similar
So, Lu Enguang's personal file was placed on the table again. In the inspection group of cadres to seriously check, Lu Enguang in 1990 to join the party application "in the guidance of Comrade Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech" line caused the alert patrol escort
May 2016, the inspection team will visit Lu Lu found false files, as well as identity, resume doubt and other issues were handed over to the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection leadership attaches great importance to the relevant discipline inspection and supervision department file for investigation, and finally found the Lu Enguang archives full