The family and the hospital have reached agreement

In August 31, 2017, the maternal horse furry in Yulin First Hospital of Suide school district (hereinafter referred to as the Suide school district) to be produced, from the birth center operation room jumped to spare.
Video display, Malaysia furry falls time is 20:13 on August 31st for 29 seconds, and the horse furry finally enters 
The horse into the delivery center to the furry falls between 45 minutes and 49 seconds, what happened?
The horse falls hairy, the only witness, Suide hospital obstetrics midwife Liu Li told the "financial" reporters, she was about to the labour room at 19:30, when expectant indoor 5 parturients, 3 health care workers. Because there were maternal bleeding, everyone was massage
Liu Li recalled, about 19:30 to 40 points, she began to contact the horse velvet. At that time, the doctor had just finished the horse, and the horse was in a stable mood. A few minutes later, because of the pain, the horse became irritable and asked to have a caesarean section.
Liu Li said, she as a midwife can only comfort repeatedly, horse antler out of the labour room several times, was advised back. During her horse has once been Restroom. Since then, the delivery room has a maternal emergency, many nurses to help deal with, "in this instant, the horse antler disappeared."".
According to Liu Li's memory, at that time, the doctor Li Ruiqin to find outside the birthing center, the family said not to see the horse antler out, everyone began to look for separately. When Liu Li opened the door and found the windows backup operation room, a shadow, half of the body has been out of the window, she walked briskly rushed to the window and caught only clothes.male massage
"Was completely freaked out, the brain a blank, don't know anything. When the reaction came, both legs still trembling, struggling out of the spare operation room, told the situation to colleagues, because the backup operation room did not turn on the lights, did not see who exactly." Liu Li says.
According to the Suide school district surveillance video display, 20:31, 30 seconds, two health care workers in site falls. Liu Li told the finance reporter, she called another nurse, go downstairs to see the situation, "in the end how long it is used, I do not remember."".
Insider told the finance reporter, 20:36 42 seconds, when the ambulance arrived at the scene, Ma antler has no vital bar
Shortly after the incident, the Suide County police investigation, evidence collection, investigation and visit, initially identified Ma Lei Department jumped suicide, excluding homicide.
In September 3rd, the Suide school district has issued a statement, said Malaysia during production due to pain irritability, the cesarean section, but was refused, "ultimately maternal because of unbearable pain, resulting in emotional control jumping".
To this end, the horse furry husband twice to clarify, the hospital charges to discredit the deceased, for a time, which is right and which is wrong, become sex massage
In September 7th, the Yulin municipal government announced the preliminary findings, that the diagnosis of maternal admission is clear, prenatal notification procedures are perfect, the diagnosis and treatment measures are reasonable, and the rescue process conforms to the standard of diagnosis and treatment. The official said, Suide hospital maternity jumping incident, exposed the relevant staff to prevent unexpected awareness of the incident is not strong, custody is not in place and other issues.
According to informed sources, the evening of September 9th, Suide district and Ma family has reached a preliminary mediation agreement. The agreement involved the amount of compensation, and one of the items was that the Ma family members were no longer interviewed by the media.boy massage