Environmental protection storm mat small commodity market

From 8 in the morning, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Zhejiang province has been in a busy state of letters and calls, so many reporters tried, it is difficult to play.
Such a busy day lasts until 8 in the evening. Letters and calls are mainly responsible for answering the relevant reports and reports from the masses about all environmental issues in the province. According to the plan, the inspection will end in September 11th, a full month. In the meantime, letters and calls were handed over to Zhejiang every day by the central inspectorate. After the handover, the relevant departments of the local government in Zhejiang will start processing and feedback on the same day.gay escort
According to the latest statistics of the Zhejiang provincial environmental protection department, as of August 30th, at 4 p.m., the central environmental inspection team transferred a total of nineteen letters and 3457 letters to Zhejiang province. All localities reported 2024 pieces. Ordered rectification 3201, filing penalties 1665, intends to impose a fine of 99 million 469 thousand and 510 yuan, 83 investigation, administrative detention of 51 people, criminal detention of 52 people. Interviews with 403 people, 4 units, accountability of 198 people, 17 units. Among them, 51 section level cadres, 147 cadres below the level of section.
These more than 3400 issues reflect environmental protection, covering a wide range, covering almost all sectors. From the township of pig breeding base, dove, to the outskirts of the city of the ordinary restaurant, from the Yiwu small commodity market stores, these stores to behind the various production plant in Zhejiang, the small business owners, this is the history of a rare.shanghai gay masssage
August 11th was the first day of the second Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate set up in Zhejiang. The same day, the central second Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors in Zhejiang province mobilization will be held in Hangzhou, the meeting chaired by the governor yuan jiajun. Wu Xinxiong, head of the second environmental protection inspection team of the Central Committee, and Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, made a speech on the work of inspectors, and the Secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee made a speech to mobilize him. At the same time, the Inspectorate has opened letters, calls and letters for Zhejiang Province, accepting letters and calls from environmental protection within the province.
The first batch of letters and calls in second (August 12th) at 9 a.m., that is, by the inspectorate". According to the relevant information of the Zhejiang provincial Environmental Protection Office, there are 42 pieces of the first batch of letters and calls, which involve different aspects of water, air, garbage, ecology, noise, soot and so on.gay male massage videos
In these 42 environmental letters and visits, the central environmental inspection team delineated 12 pieces of "key parts", involving 7 pieces of water, 4 pieces of atmosphere and 1 pieces of rubbish, including 9 prefecture level cities, including Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou.
Letters and visits work group immediately according to the work regulations, the 9 cities involved in handling. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, in August 12th, the above-mentioned letters and calls have been all referred to the relevant counties (cities).
In Shaoxing, for example, recently, Shaoxing received a letter from the central environmental monitoring team forwarded 5 letters and visits, including a steel pipe pollution monitoring equipment shortage, an ecological environment and other issues. According to the official website of the Zhejiang provincial environmental protection department, Shaoxing municipal Party committee and municipal government leaders held a meeting overnight to implement the rectification measures.
The above-mentioned steel pipe enterprise is located in Shengzhou City, Shaoxing. At noon on August 12th, the relevant departments of Shengzhou received the central environmental protection supervision and coordination liaison group orders. Shengzhou city immediately set up led by the deputy mayor, the working group composed of environmental protection, public security, water supply, local streets and other related personnel and professional personnel, the steel enterprises factory workshop, rain water pipe network to conduct field inspection.outcall gay massage
The Economic Observer learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, supervision and Reform in the advancing side process, all with their own characteristics to establish a set of practical and effective working mechanism, each province is different, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the rectification in place.
The leading package system in Zhejiang Province, that is, the important cases are mainly undertaken by the responsible units, and the case leaders are personally involved in the investigation of the case, and personally go to the scene to solve the problem, and study and formulate the rectification plan in person.
Zhejiang province sent 8 letters and visits supervision team 33 people, stationed in municipalities supervision guidance. For the above mentioned by the Inspectorate delineation of the "key", by the main party leaders lead, specifically responsible to enact change. At the same time, all letters and visits are clearly supervised and changed, work requirements and feedback time node.
The official website of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of environmental protection shows the progress of supervision over the past two decades. Letters and visits on the supervision of the problem and related measures, will be aggregated every day, and publicity here.
According to publicity results, the inspectors out of environmental protection enterprises from all walks of life, from farming to catering, light industry to heavy industry, all involved. And rectification is also based on the seriousness of environmental problems, or rectification, or permanent shutting down and demolition.
This series of work shows that the environmental supervision of the rapid response, high efficiency. The inspection in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city as an example: during the inspection, Fuyang District, after receiving the report, Fuyang district government has adopted a "night investigation forensics + dawn forced demolition" mode, a total removal of iron red, black processing point 40.
The Yiwu commodity market in September seemed a bit rattled.
At present, in Yiwu's many small commodity markets, the shop closes the situation not to be in the minority. Yiwu mall group business advisory staff told the Economic Observer newspaper, most of the shops are temporary behavior, but also the initiative of the Department Store behavior, but the exact number of closed stores difficult to statistics.china gay massage
A business owner in Yiwu for ten years of foreign trade business owners to the Economic Observer newspaper confirmed this statement: "the inspectors came to Zhejiang, once here."