Support teaching and walk to school for several years

Core tip in March 2013, in the family opposition, Sanmenxia 80 guy Wan Zhaohui decided to make a decision: to Sichuan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan in remote mountainous areas.
Over the years, he has built up a strong friendship with local students and parents. No, he was married by a local man, and he married a beautiful girl of Yi nationality. In September 10th, the matter spread on the network, and quickly brush friends circle spa
Wan Zhaohui is 32 years old. In 2007, at the age of 22, he graduated from South-Central University For Nationalities and returned home to Sanmenxia. He studied journalism at the University, and when he got home, he worked at the local newspaper and television station. Later, he found a job at a local fixed unit, 000 Chaohui for half a year, he moved to Wuhan to resign.
Wan Zhaohui told reporters, when he worked in an enterprise in Wuhan. In 2013, his University classmates told him that Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture teachers lack of resources, he resolutely chose to go there to support club
Under the arrangement of the teaching aid organization, Wan Zhaohui went to Liangshan in March of that year. "Liangshan Road, there is a shortage of resources, the low level of education, I want to let the children out of the mountains there." Wan Zhaohui says.
Wan Zhaohui recalled, he went to support the first school is a mountain village primary school in Zhaojue County, because of traffic inconvenience, the first time to go, the rain 4 hours walk to school. "On the way to the water, I carried 4 warm water bottles."."
Sanmenxia love home Volunteers Association President Sun Meili told Dahe reporter, Wan Zhaohui is in support of education before joining the house of love, he is a kind, caring people. "Because he is in Liangshan for a long time, but as long as he comes back from vacation, he will donate blood, and the family of love will organize donations. He will donate money through the internet."
Wan Zhaohui said, because of work reasons, he was in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Zhaojue county and Meigu county a total of 5 school escort
Mention just to teach the feelings, Wan Zhaohui said: "bitter."".
Several dilapidated tile roofed houses are the classrooms of the whole school. Cracks in the wall can be seen everywhere. Because of the frequent blackouts, the teaching is often difficult in the pitch darkness......
"Many students are far away from the school. Some students have to get up and go to school at 5 in the morning, and they often do farm work. We can only work overtime to give the students extra lessons."." Wan Zhaohui said, in the beginning, student achievement is generally not ideal, a student got a good result, he and volunteers were excited to get money to buy a bike, reward students.
In November last year million Chaohui in Meigu County in rural areas, and one day to students home visits, back when it was already late, don't be careful on a narrow path right foot slipped and cause serious fractures, had to temporarily interrupt the life education, back to the rest home in Sanmenxia.
Wan Zhaohui said he was still relieved of his graduation when he was recuperating. To this end, he also commissioned the Secretary of the village daily assignments to students, and the students made a small video sent to him. "What moved me was that during my stay at home, some students asked me about my illness and asked me when I should be back."."
Improve student achievement, life form good habits, some of which did not attach importance to education of parents have also sent their children to school, the local people's educational ideas gradually change, more and more students into the campus. Some local student parents learned that Wan Zhaohui life is bitter, but also sent some bacon, soil eggs for him to bar
"At the end of February this year, I put 6 students not to graduate, he and his mother said to go back to school." Wan Zhaohui said, when his mother said, want to go back to school, can quickly find a daughter-in-law.
After returning to Liangshan, because of the good by the local 000 Chaohui, a village, he met a girl in Leibo Yi County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, and in April this year, a certificate of marriage, in July this year to do a wedding in Sanmenxia, many teachers and Asahi relatives and friends to attend the wedding.
In September 10th, Sanmenxia Wan Zhaohui home, his father took the Yi Wan man clothing from the cabinet, he told reporters, although the wedding in Sanmenxia, but the wedding day wore the Asahi woman's home for his custom-made clothing yi.
000 HUD also said they were opposed to the whole family Asahi million to support education in Liangshan, because too far from home, then fail to beat the child, then promised.
"This year I went to his school for two days, and the conditions were too hard, but the children were very kind to him. I helped him clean up and do something he could do."." 000 HUD said, every time after the holidays, he will buy some toothpaste, toothbrush, shoes and clothes to the children.
By the end of 2015, 000 Asahi spent thousands of dollars to buy a remote education system for teaching primary school teacher in the class, more sauna
Now, understand their children and a million children in Liangshan have established deep feelings, not against child education.
Wan Zhaohui said his wife runs a restaurant in Leibo County, and he teaches in Zhaojue county. Although the two places are only 150 kilometers away, it takes 5 hours to drive. "We have our own affairs. We are all busy. We only met once after marriage."."
For the future plan, Wan Zhaohui smiled and said: "these years I will continue to stay in Liangshan to support education."."