Said China's old wonton, eating dead cockroaches

"My husband was eating a small wonton with relish, and suddenly he found a cockroach in the soup!" Talking about eating breakfast at Shen Dacheng's restaurant in September 10th, Ms. Yao's family is still queasy. Even more chilling is that the other party has no apology statement.boy massage
The morning of September 10th 8 pm, Ms. Yao family went to Pudong New Area Wenfeng Plaza, five floor shendacheng restaurants to eat breakfast. At that time, Ms. Yao and her husband ordered a bowl of small wonton each. Ms. Yao's husband ate half, suddenly found himself in a bowl of cockroaches, immediately, "the whole people are not good."." Ms. Yao was too scared to put the dishes down. From Ms. Yao's photos, the reporter saw the small bowl of wonton soup with drift seaweed, while a small cockroaches were removed from them". She immediately went to the shop with each other, but also ask "how can this be?" The other side also suggested that, if you feel unwell, Yao family can go to the hospital to sex massage
To this end, Ms. Yao asked the store to write a guarantee, promised to be responsible. "The man agreed to sign it at the very beginning, and later said that the leader disagreed and said that once he signed, he admitted that there was a problem with the hygiene situation." When Ms. Yao proposed to communicate directly with the leadership, the other side also called "leadership to the field", it is impossible to come over." At the same time, he also refused Ms. Yao hope telephone communication requirements. What's even more depressing is that when the matter has not been solved, the staff member disappears. In desperation, Yao family can only alarm.shanghai gay massage
"Shen Dacheng as a well-known veteran, health problems, should not give consumers an account?"" Ms. Yao said, later the five floor area is also relevant responsible person to handle, and offered to a catering shop in consultation with the Shenyang Dalian, given a certain Ms. Yao economic compensation. As for the store follow-up health improvement measures, the official said, "health problems are not returned to them."."
Subsequently, the reporter and Wenfeng Plaza five floor, the relevant person in charge of Mr. Chen contact. The other one reporter, immediately said things have been resolved, and that has been linked to the party to apologize stores. After the reporters finished, he hung up. As of press time reporter, Ms. Yao still has not been a shendacheng restaurant to apologize. gay male massage videos