The Security Council approved sanctions against the DPRK

Local time on September 11th around 18, the United Nations Security Council held a public meeting on the DPRK's nuclear test held in September 3rd, the 15 members of the Security Council unanimously approved by the United States drafted a new resolution involving the dprk.
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The Security Council consists of 15 member states, five permanent members and ten non permanent members. The adoption of the Security Council resolution requires nine member countries to vote in favour, and none of the five permanent members of China, Russia, the United States and Britain have voted against it.
The day before the nuclear test in North Korea in September 3rd was drafted and circulated to members of the Security Council draft resolution. According to the German "times" weekly reports, the draft sanctions requiring member states towards the oil embargo, boy massage freezing all of Kim Jeong-eun's overseas assets, from North Korea, North Korea textile export ban on foreign labor employment, and asked Kim Jeong-eun to give a travel ban etc..
However, according to the Reuters and Kyodo news and other media reports, part of the contents of the draft has not been recognized by members of the Security Council, after repeated consultations, the sanctions resolution will vote to remove the oil embargo that supply and export restrictions on North Korea all petroleum products in the year a total of 2 million barrels for gay spa members in the monthly report of oil exports. Nor would it suggest that North Korea's leader Kim Jeong-eun be included in the sanctions list, only a travel ban on a North Korean official and freeze his assets. In addition, the sanctions resolution also bans North Korea's exports of textiles, liquefied natural gas and natural gas byproducts - light oil "condensate."". Countries are not required to issue work permits for Korean workers.
Since 2006, the United Nations Security Council has adopted the eight resolution, because of North Korea's missile and nuclear program to increase sex massage