Advocates the deployment of nuclear weapons in Taiwan"

Overseas network on 12 September, the United States on issues related to Taiwan has little action, the day before, according to Taiwan media quoted the Korean media news, former U.S. officials clamored to deploy nuclear weapons in Taiwan, Taiwan authorities 11 responded that "never heard this statement". The United States will "hold nuclear weapons" speculation, Taiwan media have issued NUPI, the United States once again Taiwan pastime!gay club
According to the China Electronic News quoted Han media sources, former CIA officials advocated the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Taiwan. For this argument, according to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" news, the Taiwan authorities 11 days in a hurry to respond, said, "never heard of this statement, there is no relevant plan."".
The United States has always been playing the "Taiwan card" but by Taiwan media through the hype, deployment of nuclear weapons in Taiwan, there are media is angry, Wang reported 12 issued a document on the anger that "the American pastime again in Taiwan!"gay bar
The article uses the word "mending" to describe former CIA officials who say "nuclear weapons deployment in Taiwan", reported that, as for the deployment of nuclear weapons in Taiwan, it is only the personal view of the former CIA officer. At the end of this article, angrily said "the United States again entertainment Taiwan", and to remind the Taiwan authorities don't by the United States "entertainment", breaking the bottom line, the article said "don't forget, submit the" Legislative Yuan ", the" 2017 military report "Taiwan Defense Department the day before, clearly point out the 7 time, Taiwan, fourth one is the" Taiwan to obtain nuclear weapons "; also, the U.S. military must escort nuclear weapons into the station, which constitute the seventh time" attack Taiwan foreign troops stationed in Taiwan"."gay sauna
In fact, the United States has always been keen to hype the Taiwan question earlier throws a series of "the sale", "Taiwan travel", "Taiwan US naval ship visits" and other issues, stir in cross-strait relations, Chinese interior.
According to overseas network earlier reported that in July, members of the United States by the "administrative departments should regularly and consistently support Taiwan's self-defense capabilities" in the name of the U.S. government to Taiwan arms sales.
As a matter of fact, the US side has been reluctant to promote arms sales to taiwan. U. S. Secretary of defense Matisse made his first public mention of arms sales to Taiwan after he took office. Even at the end of 2016, it was widely rumored that the outgoing Obama administration would announce its last arms sale to Taiwan before leaving the White House, and Taiwan's defense ministry also said the United States would have new arms sales. However, the case has been blocked at the White House by a number of national security officials.
In addition, the United States House of Representatives passed the so-called "Taiwan travel law" to hit "off" the Cai Yingwen administration, provides a rare starting point". The United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Asia Pacific Group, through a so-called "Taiwan travel law", advocated "lifting the restrictions on exchange of high-level officials of the United States and Taiwan", allowing both sides to exchange visits at all levels of officials".male massage
The United States has also been speculation "Taiwan US warships exchange visits", and even clamoring to show muscle checks and balances china. The United States Senate committee in June 28th passed a new bill, and claimed that allowed the United States Navy routine docked in Taiwan port".
For all the hype, had issued a warning to Taiwan media Taiwan authorities, the United States playing the "Taiwan card", Taiwan get nothing!
Taiwan media this article bluntly mentioned, the DPP has always been good at operation and issues, so that the original should return to the United States on both sides of both sides, China issues in the DPP authorities after all muddled up. Now the United States are active with the mainland authorities Cai ogle, lead to strong dissatisfaction. However, if the cross-strait relations are poor, and in the U.S. - China relationship discord, and the mainland, Taiwan and the United States relations together mixed, Taiwan wants to benefit in the three party state of chaos, Taiwan get escort