The old man was passed away

A generation of tobacco king Zhu Shijian: "I heard some people say that the old Chu died. I said I am good, the spirit is better than before."
In September 13th, the current situation of a generation of tobacco king and Zhu Cheng founder Zhu Shijian attracted public bar
On the same day at 10:53 in the morning, there is a large network of V micro Bo said, the most inspirational lifelong business man Zhu Shijian died in September 13th. The widely forwarded message was quickly proved to be misinformation.
Surging news from a person close to Zhu Shijian was informed that at 11:30 on the same day Xu, Zhu Shijian is in Yunnan, Yuxi province Hongta District residence, "Zhu Lao is cooking fish."."
A video of the day to see the surging news, Zhu Shijian said with a smile, "said the old Chu died, I'm okay! The spirit is better than before."gay club
Zhu Shijian, a 89 year old entrepreneur, was cooking fish when he was passed away. At 11:30 on September 13th, Zhu Shijian was cooking fish. Surging news special pictures
Zhu Shijian himself followed by a sales Chu orange business platform said in a statement, my body is very good, thank you for your concern.
At noon that day, the Red Star News also quoted Zhu Shijian son Zhu Yibin said, Zhu Shijian's body is very good, this morning in the food market for an hour to buy sauna
Zhu Shijian, now 89, was once a generation of tobacco king. Zhu Shijian let "Hongta mountain" become China's famous brand, make Yuxi cigarette factory become well-known large tobacco enterprises, but in 1999, Zhu Shijian because of economic problems were sentenced to life imprisonment, commutation. 3 years later, Zhu Shijian baowaijiuyi, and his wife in the Ailao Mountains began contracting hills orange.
When the 89 year old business man Zhu Shijian was passed died at home to cook the fish at noon on September 13th, old Chu is resting. Surging news special pictures
In recent years, Zhu Shijian planted the "Chu orange" began selling by the electricity supplier, because of excellent quality attributes and inspirational spa