Taiwan Affairs Office to respond to Li Mingzhe case

State Council Affairs Office spokesman said at a news conference this morning, the first trial of the case, pending court sentencing. It needs to be stressed that the mainland is a society ruled by law. Anyone in the mainland should abide by the provisions of law and social public order and violate the law, and must be investigated by law. Any attempt to use the case for political operations, influence or slander the mainland, handle cases in accordance with the law, gay sex massage and attack the political and legal institutions of the mainland is futile.
Ann Hill introduced, in September 11th, Yueyang City Intermediate People's court held a public hearing, mainland residents Peng Yuhua, Taiwan residents Li Mingzhe subversion state power case. During the investigation and trial of the case,gay escort  the case handling authorities in the mainland have been handling cases strictly in accordance with legal provisions and legal procedures, and the rights and interests of the defendants and their families have been fully maintained and guaranteed. The case handling organ of the mainland shall notify the defendant's family to participate in the court hearing in accordance with the law. After the trial, the defendant's family request, the court arranged for Li Mingzhe to meet with his mother and wife. The trial, Yueyang City Intermediate People's court by Sina micro-blog for the entire video and broadcast graphics, Xinhua news agency and other mainland media in the trial made relevant reports. Some Taiwan media also reported the trial.gay male massage videos