Ministries jointly promote the use of ethanol gasoline

Today (September 13th), by the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Bureau, Ministry of Finance and other fifteen ministries jointly issued "on the expansion of bio fuel ethanol production and promote the use of ethanol gasoline in the implementation of the programme", according to the program requirements, to 2020, guy massage our country will promote the use of ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles.
Ethanol gasoline, simply understood, adds 10% of biofuel ethanol to gasoline, which is what we usually call alcohol. Adding fuel ethanol gasoline can effectively reduce carbon emissions from automobile exhaust, PM2.5 and other fine particles emissions, and other toxic substances pollution, thereby improving air quality.
The former director of Sinopec Group, the Ministry of science and engineering professor Qiao Yingbin: because alcohol inside with oxygen, it can burn very completely, so the hydrocarbon can also reduce greatly, I think it is environmentally friendly and renewable energy.shanghai gay massage
In 2020, the national car drank alcohol"
As early as 2001, China began to promote the use of ethanol gasoline in some provinces and municipalities. At present, 11 provinces have used ethanol gasoline, accounting for 1/5 of the total gasoline consumption in the country. Program introduced, marking our country began to promote in the country. By 2020, the vehicle ethanol gasoline basically achieved full coverage throughout the country.china gay massage