Grandma gave birth to triplets, smaller than grandchildren!

Sister Jane is 41 years old this year. She told reporters that she was pregnant with three sisters last year.
"My daughter has two children, and my grandmother is still pregnant with a baby, afraid of being laughed at, let alone when my daughter was just pregnant with a baby."gay massage
Jane hesitated slightly at that time, and after going to the hospital to confirm the triplets, the family was surprised: both her husband's family and her mother's family had "heredity" of twins, and the family had several pairs of twins, but the triplets were the first time.
Because of the age of pregnant women, and complications of gestational diabetes, intrahepatic cholestasis, bilateral giant ovarian cysts and other risk factors, Jane's entire pregnancy is not easy, in April, Jane 34 weeks of pregnancy must be cesarean section, and eventually successfully delivered three babies, mother and daughter all safe.
The three sisters were born a few minutes apart and weighed about 1.5 kilograms. Jane and her husband are both grinders at a furniture factory in Dayong Town. Their annual salary adds up to about 150,000 yuan. It was easy to live, but so far it has cost more than 300,000 yuan to have three daughters.
"Every month's milk powder costs more than 7000, and premature children get sick and spend too much money."
Jane and her husband have sold their commercial home in Chongqing and rented a 50-square-meter rental house at a monthly rent of 600 yuan.male massage
"If the house is not in a hurry, raise the spirit of the child first." Sister Jane said.
Jane told reporters that the burden of caring for her three daughters now falls on her 67-year-old mother-in-law, who rents on the 5th floor without an elevator, who carries three babies up and down five floors several times a day in order to get enough sunshine and fresh air for her granddaughters.
"Generally, two bamboo baskets are brought by the old family, and one more in the hand."
The baby gained a lot of weight and had to work harder than before, but the hard-working grandmother was happy about it and praised the three granddaughters for being "very clever and not crying much." Amazingly, the three children only wake up once or twice at night to drink milk, and wake up almost at the same time, making adults feel spa
Netizens sigh:
I am more than 30 years old and single.
41 of you are Grandma!
No fear of iron: 41 years old 3 is not very surprised, 41 years old two grandchildren.
@amasakibaby: my mother is fifty, not even my mother-in-law.
@ Mama: my mother saw this video and said to me, "when she was sixty-one years old, she could be grandma." I:??
@ turn to two: 41 year old children around me go to primary school.
@ Tu Hui Er: my mother is 60. I still have to go alone.
@ a lovely fat salted fish: my mother is almost sixty. My thirty year old brother is single.
Some netizens said:
If Mom remarries, send this to her!
@Vivian rain is still in the air.
My mother urged me to get married and have a baby. I'll show it to her.