"Begging grandma" makes you feel guilty

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, Mr. Chen, a Hangzhou citizen, is a warm-hearted person. He often sees old people begging, and always feels sorry and will help them. On October 24, when he returned to Hangzhou by bus, he saw an old lady sitting in the taxi waiting area of North 2 of Hangzhou East Railway Station. She was sitting in a narrow passageway, with messy white hair, plain clothes, bowing her head and not much words, begging the passengers waiting for a taxi.gay massage
Mr. Chen thought the old man was miserable, and he gave the old man five yuan change. Just yesterday, micro-blog broadcast video on Hangzhou East Railway Station on fire all over the country. After seeing Mr. Chen, he realized that the old man who gave alms the other day had "superior family living conditions".
Yesterday afternoon around 2:00, Qian Bao reporter came to the North 2 taxi waiting area of the East Railway Station. At a glance, the crowd recognized the old man: plain, but clean and tidy, with a bandage around his neck, a gauze wrapped around his right hand from his forearm to his palm, and several maps in his hand. She took a simple folding stool and sat down the narrow aisle of the taxi waiting area, stretched out her left hand and begged the passengers.male massage
The reporter took several pictures and was seen by the old man. She shouted, "what are you doing? Are you patting me? " Later, she asked reporters to delete photos.
After the reporter identified herself, she pointed to the radio and said, "Listen, the old lady in this radio is me. They bullied me..." Although the old man has been talking all the time, he seems to have a clear mind and a good leg.
Speaking of the old lady, the staff of the East Railway Station said that they were "very familiar" with her and said frankly that "she is a difficult old man, so there is no way to take her". "She takes a small bench and sometimes asks for hundreds a day," said a security guard waiting for the passage. Some people looked at her age as big and miserable, and lavishly took out 50 or 100 of them.gay spa
Many security personnel told reporters that they also managed. But when she touched her, she played tricks. Sometimes she lay down on the ground, spit at people and spilled water on them. "We sometimes remind passengers not to give her money. If she hears, she will curse us. Later, there was no way out, only to remind passengers through radio. A staff member on duty said.
Li Dajie, a volunteer at the Smiling Pavilion, said she noticed that the old man came to the East Railway Station three or four years ago. "Once the East Railway Station has a big event, you can see her." She recalls that there was an enterprise in the East Station to donate love, donated some cotton-padded clothes, the old woman came to collect clothes, and then came to collect, "before and after three times, told her that she could not receive, attitude became very fierce."gay club
Now the old lady has become the "celebrity" of the east station. Many people know this old lady. The staff of the east railway administrative committee found the home of the old lady together with the police. It is understood that the grandmother is Shengzhou, 79 years old, son married in Jos, and then she went with her son to Jos, living together. There is no room for rent at home.
At about 9 o'clock last night, Qian Bao reporter contacted the old man's son, Mr. Zhang, about his old mother, he said he was very helpless. Mr. Zhang said he also saw the report on the Internet. "When my mother came back, I talked to her too, and she was not allowed to go out any more. But she also did not feel wrong, and said that so many people at the east station did not care why she should be in charge of her.gay sauna
Mr. Zhang frankly introduced the family's situation - first, not the children regardless of the elderly, "I bring the dishes to the front every day, pour her wine." Second, the family is not short of money. Mr. Zhang said that there are factories, rental housing and shops in the family. Though not a rich man, he does not worry about food and clothing. Mr. Zhang said, "I want face too, but the old man has a big temper and hit me with bricks in front of others."gay bar
Mr. Zhang's father, who is 86 years old, is not in good health and is paralyzed in bed. He also hopes his mother will stay at home and take care of his father. However, even if the family repeatedly advised, the old man still had to go to the east station. "The village cadres and the police station directors came to our house to persuade us, who can not care, the face is really lost."
Is there any other way for this difficult old granny? The staff of the East Railway Station Management Committee continued to sigh, "At first we were very determined not to allow her to sell maps in the station, because it was an unlicensed business, but later she changed to beg, and was forced to beg. Sometimes they pull others' sleeves and ask for money.boy massage
"We worked with the civil affairs department to solve her problem, but she refused. We also had ideological education for her, but she didn't listen to it. It happened to the police station many times, and she swore she would never come again, but she did not come back soon..."
Speaking of yesterday's popular nationwide "radio counterfeiting", the staff also said helpless: "This radio is installed in the taxi aisle, mainly in peak passenger flow to evacuate passengers and broadcast civilized reminders. But in order to solve this problem, we also recorded a voice reminder in the reminder audio, hoping that the passengers will not be deceived, charity..."
The staff of Hangzhou East Railway Station's management committee admitted that the old grandmother was too old to enforce the law too much. "We really did our best. Now we also urge you to help and solve this problem together. "gay sex massage