The man called the victim on the grounds of recruiting a prostitute.

Wumou, a man who runs an online shop, earns about 2.3 million yuan a year. He has a considerable income. He fled to the residence of prostitutes on the grounds of prostitution and robbed hundreds of thousands of people by covering his nose and mouth, binding and so on. Recently, the Minhang District people's Procuratorate decided to arrest and arrest Wu on suspicion of massage
In early June of this year, Wu contacted a "pimp" to explain that after the request, the other party sent several pictures of the girls over, Wu took a look at a girl named Lin Lin (alias). The two men chatted for a while by phone and met each other. Around 4:00 p.m., Xiao Wu Ruyue came to Lin Lin's house. As soon as he entered the room, Wu Mou "like a wolf and tiger" rushed to the house and brought Lin Lin Lin, who was playing with her mobile phone, a "big bundle of flowers".
Suspect Wu Mou: "I told the victim directly that you did it. I wanted to get some money for it."
After Linlin was tied up, Wu asked Linlin to hand over all the bank cards. After getting the bank cards, Wu used POS machine to brush several times and could not get the money. Lin Lin was afraid that Wu would be hurting himself and hurting himself. He hurriedly suggested to Wu that he could withdraw money to him by Alipay.
Suspect Wu Mou: "I asked her to open the phone, the phone password also let her tell me, I transferred a total of 340,000 two-dimensional code."male massage
After the case, Wu was caught by the police very quickly. He explained that he had gone to solicit a wife when he first looked for a pimp. But on the way there, he suddenly realized that prostitution was a dishonorable thing. He could take advantage of the opportunity to extort money, so he had the idea of robbery.
Suspect Wu Mou: "Is also holding the idea that she dare not report to the police, want to knock her a little money, later did not expect things to make a little big."gay spa
Zheng Jingjing, Public Prosecutor of Minhang People's Procuratorate, said: "The suspect's point of view is that the money from the sex service providers comes more quickly, and the service itself has a certain degree of illegality, so he feels that the victim may not alarm out of the instinct of protecting himself."
Prosecutors believe that Wu premeditated, to whore prostitution, to the victim's residence, to cover his nose and mouth, bundles and other threats to victims, and robbed 340 thousand yuan by way of Alipay cash transfer, his behavior has been suspected of robbery.
Zheng Jingjing, Public Prosecutor of Minhang People's Procuratorate, said: "He first robbed the house, and the amount of robbery is particularly huge, and may be sentenced to more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment.boy massage