National examination registration is now one thousand jobs

Yesterday, in 2019, the eighth day of the national examination registration, leaving the deadline for registration only two days. According to Huatu Education Statistics, as of 17:00 yesterday, the number of National Examination List Daily increased by 200,000 in 2019, with a total of 888,610 people and 728,969 passed the examination. However, 132 Posts remained unattended and the overall average competition ratio was massage
Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that 17 "one in a thousand" posts were registered for the National Examination, of which Xishuangbanna Investigation Team of Yunnan National Statistical Bureau (2) became the most competitive position with a competitive ratio of 2514:1. Experts predict that there will be second small peaks in today's registration.male massage
Judging from yesterday's announcement, the number of applicants in the six major systems increased by 80,000, reaching 388,646, still the largest number of applicants in the six major systems. The minimum number of applicants was 32924. In the six major systems, all the posts of railway public security have been registered, there is still one state tax and two customs posts left. The most unqualified posts are still the Maritime Bureau, with 51 remaining seats. The most competitive system was the Customs, with an average job-to-job ratio of 74.1:1, while the least competitive system was the Maritime Bureau, with only spa
At the same time, 17 "one in a thousand" posts have emerged, with the National Taxation, Statistics Bureau and Meteorological Bureau occupying many seats. Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Investigation Team of the State Statistical Bureau (2), later occupied the most competitive position, with a competitive ratio of 2514:1. The Guangdong Meteorological Bureau's forecasted stock business management staff ranks second, and the competition is 2395:1.
Huatu education experts warn that people who are still watching must begin to sign up today, the National Examination is usually two days after the examination results, and the deadline for registration is 31, if today did not report or audit slower, there may be no time to change!gay sauna
With two days to go before the National Examination, 132 Posts remain unregistered in 10 provinces, including Guangdong and Jiangsu. Huatu education experts have selected the top 10 posts from the 132 posts. Experts pointed out that if the statistics, economics, undergraduate graduates, and as a college student village official, and worked for three years, you can report to the National Statistical Bureau of Shanxi Investigation Team Datong County Investigation Team Business Section Section (2), belongs to the western and difficult remote areas of the post, entry score line is lower! If you are a fresh graduate majoring in "navigation technology and ship driving", you may try out the position of Yangzhong Maritime Department (2) of Jiangsu Maritime Bureau. The political outlook, grass-roots work experience, and grass-roots service projects are not limited. The authentic "three no-limits" position is open for three sex massage