Campaign team huge money advertising for canvassing

The Trump campaign spent $6 million on advertising to boost the Republican Party in the forthcoming mid-term elections, according to CNN.
According to Taiwan's United News Network on October 30, Paskell said the 60-second election advertisement focused on the current booming U.S. economy and included a retrospective of the U.S. recession 10 years ago, warning viewers: "If we forget what we've been through, that's all right now." It can disappear. "gay bar
He said it was unprecedented for Trump's campaign to buy advertisements so heavily, after all, Trump did not run in the November 6 mid-term elections and his name was not printed on the ballot papers.
Paskell said the ads were meant to let the public know that things were really getting better. "We're going to keep voting for the Republicans and pushing for the president's policies."
Success, he said, sometimes leads to complacency, so the ad campaign is a reminder that there's a reason for America's economic upturn, "It's hard work."gay massage
Paskell said the Trump campaign's ad was similar to Reagan's 1984 campaign for re-election, American Morning, but it was more emotional and used modern technology.
Paskell also said the latest wave of advertising took months to prepare and produce because of time and money. According to statistics, Trump's re-election campaign has raised over $100 million.male massage
"Most political ads take only a week or two to complete, and our approach is significant," he said.
He pointed out that until 2020, the Trump election camp will launch a grand version of "Trump 2".