WTO member states require review of the United States

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, October 30 (Xinhua) - China, the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Russia and Turkey, seven WTO members, stressed at the meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body on 29 th that the U.S. declaration of steel and aluminum tariff measures in March this year was not based on "national security" considerations, but was essentially a guarantee. Measures are also required to set up an expert group to examine whether the measures are in violation of the relevant provisions of the WTO.gay massage
U.S. President Trump announced on March 8 that the United States will impose tariffs of 25% and 10% on imported steel and aluminium products because they endanger the "national security" of the United States. The Trump administration's tariffs on steel and aluminium products in most economies came into effect on March 23, and those on steel and aluminium products in the European Union, Canada and Mexico took effect on June 1.
At the meeting on the same day, the Chinese delegate said that China believed that, in terms of content and substance, the US steel and aluminum tariff measures were aimed at eliminating the damage of imported steel and aluminum products to domestic industries and safeguarding the economic interests of relevant industries in the United States. Therefore, the United States steel and aluminum tariff measures called "national security" is entirely a pretext for trade protectionism. The US steel aluminum tariff measure is a safeguard measure in nature, which seriously violates the relevant provisions of the WTO Agreement on Safeguards and GATT 1994. The US side's measures have impacted on the multilateral trading system, and China has asked to set up an expert group to conduct a review.male massage
The representative of the European Union said that the application of seven WTO members for the establishment of a panel of experts submitted by the same WTO member within the same day was "unprecedented", reflecting the degree of opposition caused by US actions among members. The steel and aluminum tariffs in the United States are in fact safeguards for protecting their industries.gay spa
The representative of Canada said that it was incomprehensible that exports of steel and aluminum from the United States could threaten the national security of the United States and expressed concern that tariff measures on steel and aluminum might undermine the integrity of the global trading system. The representative of Norway believed that the measures taken by the United States had clearly departed from the commitments made by the United States under the multilateral trading system.gay club
Mexico, Russia and Turkey on the same occasion expressed concern about the U. S. steel and aluminum tariff measures, and requested the establishment of a panel of experts to review the U. S. measures.
On the same day, the United States opposes the initial application of the expert group set up by the above parties. It is expected that the seven WTO members will submit their applications to the panel again at the next meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body to be held in November.gay sauna
In addition, at this meeting, the United States again accused China of intellectual property protection, and asked the WTO to set up an expert group to review China's measures to protect intellectual property rights. China said that the US accusation of intellectual property rights protection against China lacks factual basis and is entirely in the shadow. China opposes the US request for the establishment of a panel of experts. The expert group was not set up at this meeting.boy massage
According to WTO rules, a request for consultation may be made to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body after a trade dispute has arisen between members. If the members concerned can not reach an agreement during the consultation period, members may draw an expert panel to decide the dispute. gay sex massage