The rescue team found that his father was in the car

At 23:28 on October 31st, Chongqing's Jiangjiang bus was salvaged and the whistle blew at the scene. Zhou Xiaobo, vice captain of the blue sky rescue team in Wanzhou, Chongqing, was one of them when they arrived at the scene at the first time. He remained silent and dedicated to the rescue site until last night. However, many people do not know that Zhou Xiaobo's father is also on the falling water vehicle. gay club Chongqing Blue Sky Rescue Team captain accepted an exclusive interview with Green Hornet, saying: Zhou Xiaobo participated in the rescue during the day, at night a person secretly crying. Seeing him crying quietly and persistently at the scene, many of the players were crying. It is impossible to express the present mood in words. The true courage is not to be afraid, but to move on with trembling legs. gay massage
After 86 hours of hard work, around 23:30 on October 31, Chongqing's bus plunged into the river was fished out of the water as a whole, the scene vehicles whistled in mourning. On the same day, five batches of 10 divers took turns launching operations, successfully in the bus head and tail were respectively put on suspenders, the completion of vehicle fastening. He Jianping, deputy director of Chongqing Emergency Management Bureau, said that divers are very difficult to tie underwater, underwater water, low visibility, divers operating time is very limited, only 35 minutes. In addition, banding is also a physical activity, which is a great challenge for divers.male massage
On the spot, the Chongqing Long Flight Team, Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Zhongshan Ship, Zhan Hongtu, Ram Team, Blue Sky Rescue Team and other rescue forces launched rescue.
Chongqing Wanzhou Blue Sky Rescue Team rushed to the scene as soon as it received the rescue mission. Zhou Xiaobo, vice-captain of the team, was one of the first to rush to the scene to participate in rescue. However, it was not until after the rescue operation that Zhou Xiaobo knew that his father was also on the vehicle.
Zhou Xiaobo was in a meeting at about 10 a.m. on the 28th. His sister called him and said that his father couldn't get through and there was a car accident in the Yangtze River. At that time, Zhou Xiaobo had a bad feeling in his mind. Around 11 o'clock, gay spa Zhou Xiaobo received the rescue mission and went to the scene to start rescuing.
Zhou Xiaobo: "When my sister called me at first, I should have known something unexpected, but it was more than two o'clock when I learned that my father had not got on the bus. When the rescue sonar and the robot were positioned at the scene, I got a call from the police to make sure Dad had got on the bus. Before that, I judged my father was out of order, but I could not make sure that I had a ray of hope. There is some sadness in the matter, but there is no way. There are many people on the bus. Everyone is in the same mood. To do rescue work, I must control my emotions, or do well in sauna
On the afternoon of October 31, Zhou Xiaobo received a notice from his office telling him not to be on the spot. His father was about to find him.
However, Zhou Xiaobo immediately returned to the rescue site, he said: "No matter what the situation, we must adhere to the rescue, as soon as possible with technical means to locate, complete the salvage work. Things are coming out, whether my father is in the car or not, I have to save.boy massage