Reasons for Wanzhou bus falling into the river are as follows:

Hualong News Network, November 2, 10:15 Xinhua Hualong News Network reporters just learned from the news conference on the causes of the bus crash in Wanzhou, Chongqing, the reason for the bus crash was announced, according to the car black box surveillance video shows that the fierce disputes between passengers and drivers caused the vehicle out of massage
The full text of the report is as follows:
At 10:8 a.m. on October 28, a bus crashed into the Yangtze River after colliding with a car in Wanzhou District, Chongqing. After the accident, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. The Ministry of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transportation sent personnel to Chongqing to guide the investigation and disposal. Party committees and governments at the municipal and district levels organize public security, emergency response, maritime affairs, fire control, long-distance navigation, health and other departments to set up on-site headquarters, and make every effort to carry out search and rescue, on-site investigation, accident investigation and aftercare.male massage
On-site command organizes more than 70 professional salvage vessels, frogman rescue team, underwater robots, cranes and other professional forces to carry out a comprehensive search and rescue work around the waters where buses fall into the river. After the incident, through careful investigation, we identified 15 occupants. At the same time, 13 bodies of the victims were recovered and their identities confirmed. Accurate positioning of the location of the drop in the river, at 23:28 on October 31st, the wrecking of the River bus will be salvaged. At present, the rehabilitation work is being carried out in an orderly sauna
Public security organs have collected more than 2300 hours of surveillance video and 220 pieces of traffic recorder video. They have investigated more than 160 passing vehicles before and after the incident. They have investigated 132 witnesses, drivers and passengers of vehicles around the scene, passengers of vehicles in advance, relevant personnel of bus companies and related personnel. At 0.50 a.m. on October 31, after divers salvaged the vehicle traveling recorder and SD card, the public security organs successfully restored the SD card data and extracted the internal monitoring video of the vehicle before the club
The public security organs conducted a comprehensive survey of 36 stations along the route of No. 22 bus. By visiting four passengers who got off at the first two stops (Nanshan Crossing Station and Huilanta Station), it was confirmed that there was a female passenger with medium stature and light blue jeans inside the bus at that time. She had a quarrel with the driver because she missed the place to get off. After further investigation, the female passenger was Liu (48 years old, Wanzhou District). Comprehensive pre-investigation visits, and the extracted vehicle internal video surveillance to verify each other, restore the situation at the time of the incident.
At 5:1 a.m. on October 28, bus driver Ran Mou (male, 42 years old, Wanzhou District) left home to work. At 5:50, bus No. 22 departed from Wanda Plaza at the starting station and traveled normally along the route of No. 22 bus. When the incident occurred, ran a third train departure. 9:35,gay spa passengers Liu in dragon capital square four seasons Huacheng station get on the train, its destination is one home Museum Station. Because of road maintenance, the No. 22 bus no longer runs through No.1 home library station. When driving to Nanbin Park Station, driver Ran Mou reminded the passengers of No. 1 Home Hall to get off at this station, Liu Mou did not get off. When the car continued on its way, Liu found that the vehicle had passed his destination station and asked to get off, but there was no bus stop and the driver Ran Mou did not stop. At 10:3:32, Liu got up from his seat and went to the right back of Ranmou who was driving. He leaned on the armrest pillar beside Ranmou and criticized Ranmou. Ranmou turned to explain and argue with Liu many times. The dispute between the two sides escalated gradually, and each other had aggressive language. At 10:8:49 seconds, when the vehicle traveled to 348 meters away from the south bridge head of Wanzhou Yangtze River Second Bridge, Liu Mou hit Ran Mou on the right side of his head with his mobile phone. At 10:8:50 seconds, gay bar Ran Mou released the steering wheel and hit Liu Mou on the neck with his right hand. Later, Liu again hit his shoulder with his cell phone. Ran ran with his right hand and grabbed Liu's right upper arm. At 10:8:51 seconds, Ran Mou took back his right hand and rushed to the left with his right hand (the speed of the vehicle was 51 kilometers per hour), causing the vehicle to lose control and deviate to the left to cross the central solid line. After colliding with the red car (the speed of the vehicle was 58 kilometers per hour), Ran Mou crashed into the river along the road and broke the sauna
There was no abnormal behavior in the life track of the driver several days before he ran something. The night before the accident, the driver Ran Mou had dinner with his parents, did not drink, and returned to his room at 21 o'clock. His mental condition was normal. The weather was clear, the road was smooth, no potholes and obstacles, and the line of sight was good. After salvaging and landing, the vehicle was identified by the Judicial Appraisal Institute of Xindao Traffic Accident in Chongqing. The light signal, steering and braking of the vehicle were effective before the accident. The technical condition of the transmission and driving system was normal, and the factors causing the vehicle out of control due to the failure were sex massage
According to the fact of investigation, passenger Liu Mou had a quarrel with the driving bus driver Ran Mou in the process of taking the bus. He attacked the driving bus driver Ran Mou twice with his mobile phone, which endangered the driving safety of the vehicle and seriously endangered the driving safety of the vehicle. Ran Mou, as a bus driver, had a quarrel with passenger Liu Mou while driving a bus. After being attacked by Liu Mou, he should realize that the act of retaliation and grabbing would seriously endanger the driving safety of the bus. However, he did not take effective measures to ensure the driving safety. He let the steering wheel open and retaliated against Liu Mou with his right hand, and then blocked Liu Mou with his right hand. The attack of Liu and the arrest of Liu Mou seriously violated the professional regulations of bus drivers. The assault between passenger Liu Mou and driver Ran Mou caused the vehicle to run out of control, resulting in the collision between the vehicle and the car running normally opposite direction.boy massage