The safety of bus drivers is a worldwide problem

In addition to driving large vehicles safely through the city, drivers may encounter various problems, such as being blamed by passengers, having quarrels, even being attacked by passengers, or causing more serious consequences.
Similar things are happening all over the world, and every year foreign countries are trying to cope with the very unexpected things that may happen. The Transport Workers'Union of America has proposed a solution to redesign buses and install a door on the left side of the driver's seat so that drivers can evacuate quickly when attacked.
In recent years, there have been a lot of news reports on similar incidents in foreign media concerning the assaults on bus massage
On August 27, 2018, the New York city police station received a report that a man approached a B15 bus driver's side and used an aerosol sprayer to attack the driver. Although the driver closed the window in time, the man still smashed the windows and sprayed the sprayer.
Local media channel ABC7 reported that this was the third attack on bus drivers in New York in a week. A bus driver named Bridget Baker said with fear, "What if the flying glass fragments fall into the driver's eyes accidentally? Maybe the consequences may be even worse. ?male massage
On May 18, 2018, a bus driver and passenger in Kentucky, USA, had a dispute over the fare. The driver said that he wanted to call the police. Then the passengers beat the driver up and they formed a group on the bus.
In early March 2018, a bus driver in Maryland, United States found that after 3 passengers harassed other passengers, they stopped the vehicle and asked them to get off and leave. It was not thought that 1 of them quickly sprayed pepper spray and sprayed directly on the driver's face. The driver fell, hit his head on the steps of the bus, then sent to the doctor for treatment, and the perpetrator fled.
In February 2017, a Canadian bus driver was stabbed to death by a male passenger near Manitoba University during his working hours, the first time that Manitoba's bus driver was stabbed to death in violent clashes with passengers.
In the summer of 2016, a Canadian bus driver was spat by a passenger and then decided to fight back. The passenger was eventually spa
In December 2009, a Canadian bus driver met a drunk passenger who argued with the driver for refusing to pay a fare of $2.5 and then assaulted the driver. He pulled the driver out of the car and punched him in the face more than a dozen times, eventually causing a concussion in the driver's brain and blindness in one eye.
In 2006, a Minnesota woman bus driver was driving when she was suddenly strangled by a mentally ill passenger with a scarf around her neck. "Quick, find a quiet place to kill you." The driver calmly responded, pressed the emergency button to alarm when the passengers were not paying attention, and tried to procrastinate with the passengers, and finally succeeded in rescuing club
According to the Chicago Tribune, the records of the Chicago Transport Authority (CTA) show that in recent years, local bus drivers have been attacked in a variety of ways, including being beaten, attacked by tear gas, sprinkled with bleach, and even shot at, thrown eggs and snowballs, as well as by drivers. I threw a bag of frozen chicken.
Ruth Dixon, a 29-year bus driver, said he had been spitting on by passengers five years ago. "When you open the door, you can't help wondering whether the passengers will cause trouble."gay bar
In 2006, Daniel Luther, an American woman driver who had been strangled by passengers with a headscarf, said she liked and was good at driving buses. "It's very important that you learn the body language of passengers, their voice and intonation, and make eye contact with passengers." But in November of that year, when she met the mentally ill male passenger who kidnapped and strangled her neck, Daniel quietly pressed the alarm button and tried to keep talking to him. After Danielle found the police, he parked the car on the side of the road, and the passenger was irritated. Danielle still tried to deal with each other, and then the police rushed into the car to subdue the passenger. The passenger was sentenced to 41 months sauna
The danger lasted only six minutes, but Daniel said she had left a lasting psychological shadow ever since. If the bus she drives is going through a sparsely populated Road, she will feel frightened.
The Star Tribune reported in 2016 that different cities and states in the United States have taken some safety measures to strengthen the protection of drivers, but the road to solving the problem is still a long way to go. According to the Star Tribune, glass partitions are installed on buses in some places, but they do not appeal to drivers, and it is expensive for transportation departments to redesign buses.
Although some U.S. transportation departments have ordered glass partitions to be installed on buses, trade unions believe that more substantial improvements should be made. One solution proposed by the Transport Workers'Union is to redesign buses and install a door on the left side of the driver's seat so that drivers can quickly evacuate when sex massage
"We have installed protective measures on newly produced buses and hundreds of old buses," said Wayne, vice president of a bus manufacturing company in the United States. He said that the cost of installing a door and bullet proof glass on existing buses is about 4500 dollars per vehicle.boy massage
According to the Chicago Tribune in 2018, Keith Hill, president of the United Transport Union in Chicago, USA, said