Women die of twins

Guo Jinghua, 53, gave birth to a pair of twin boys as an elderly, high-risk pregnant woman. Twenty days later, she has not met her child yet, because the baby was premature and was sent to the incubator at birth.
Many people can't understand what they do, even accuse her and her husband of imposing burdens on others and society. But Guo Jinghua firmly said, "I don't regret it. I must bring up my two sons. Who can appreciate the pain my mother suffered when she lost her son in middle age?"gay massage
Now it should be Guo Jinghua's postpartum motherhood. Because she left all her money to her two children to save her life, she didn't live in the hospital, but she couldn't go home. Her hometown is in Jinzhou countryside, and her children are in Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University. How could they leave? Therefore, Yang Zhongda rented a room in a community three minutes away from the hospital, where Guo Jinghua worked as a motherhood and silently guarded his children.male massage
On October 18, Guo Jinghua gave birth to a baby boy by caesarean section. The couple wept with joy. For 11 years, they waited from their forties to their fifties for the two children, who had long been their only wish in their life.
In fact, Guo Jinghua once had a son, "Unfortunately, my eldest son, that child is very good, especially benevolent and righteous. He has never had any illness before, so he suddenly left without knowing how to do it." Now it's not so sad to mention her eldest son, Yang Tian (alias) Guo Jinghua. In the past ten years, her eldest son's unfortunate death has been a pain she can't wipe away.gay club
Eleven years ago, Guo Jinghua was in her forties. Because of the early childbirth in the countryside, her son was 19 years old and was studying for the third year of senior high school to prepare for college entrance examination. However, on June 19, 2007, Yang Zhongda suddenly received a phone call from his teacher saying that his son was ill because Yang Tian usually stayed at school and returned home on the weekend. On the same day, when the couple arrived at Jinzhou Hospital, the doctor announced that Yang Tian had died and was diagnosed with myocardial infarction.gay spa
The accidental death of a child is like a bolt from the blue for a middle-aged couple. They can't accept the fact. "In the first few years, we simply couldn't get through the day. We wanted our children to cry all day." Not only that, Yang Zhongda is an authentic peasant, the traditional idea is to raise children and carry on the family line, without children, they also bear the villagers behind the discussion and different vision every day.
Guo Jinghua and her husband came from Jinzhou to Shenyang, from Shenyang to Beijing, from Beijing to Shenzhen, all the way down, the reality gave them a heavy blow. It's not easy to lose a child in middle age. Guo Jinghua has done test-tube babies several times in a row, and every time she finishes it, she is full of expectations. "She was very careful in those days, even when she got up, the toilet was terrified, for fear that the fertilized embryo would fall out." However, the first few test tube babies failed.
Yang Zhongda said: "At that time, I was under great pressure. On the one hand, it cost a lot to make test-tube babies. I was a farmer. I planted some land in peacetime and went out to do odd jobs in my spare time. I earned 230,000 yuan a year, but it took 230,000 yuan to make a test-tube baby." In this way, Yang Zhongda, under the pressure of economic pressure and the eyes of friends and relatives around him, has been making money, saving money and doing test-tube baby. If he fails, he will make money, save money and do it again.
The elderly, twins, these are easy to cause premature delivery, the doctor reminded Guo Jinghua early. Sure enough, just seven months after pregnancy, Guo Jinghua felt unwell and went to Jinzhou Maternal and Infant Hospital for an examination immediately. The doctor told him to go to Shenyang and go to a big hospital to protect the baby.gay sex massage
On October 17, Yang Zhongda took his wife to Shengjing Hospital affiliated to Shenyang China Medical University. After examination, the two fetuses had problems in the abdomen of pregnant women. They had to undergo caesarean section immediately, otherwise they would be dangerous to both pregnant women and fetuses. On October 18, Guo Jinghua gave birth to a pair of twin boys by caesarean section. Because they were premature babies, they were 30 weeks pregnant and 7 months pregnant. Dabao weighed 2 kilograms and 6 pairs, while Erbao weighed only 1 kilogram and 9 pairs.gay sauna
"The operation was done under general anesthesia. I didn't see the baby delivered by caesarean section, but later the doctor told me that both children were not fully developed and had to stay in the incubator." Guo Jinghua moved out of the hospital soon after the caesarean section. She wanted to save as much as possible because the two children spent more than 6,000 yuan a day in the hospital.
Guo Jinghua and his wife spent all their savings and borrowed all the relatives and friends they could borrow in order to be test-tube babies and the baby was hospitalized prematurely. "Before going to Shenyang, I went to the bank to mortgage my house and let my wife have children on loan. I would rather not have a house and keep my children and wife." Yang Zhongda said that Guo Jinghua paid a great price for the pregnancy and childbirth. She overdrafted her body and suffered from brain tumors after childbirth. But they did not regret that they had no children. What use would it be to have a house?
Although currently living in a humble rental room, only rice porridge and pickles can be eaten every day, Guo Jinghua and her husband are full of expectations every day. Yang Zhongda goes to the hospital every day to see his children. In fact, he does not allow visits, but he grips the door to see, and his heart is happy. The doctor told him that the second child's oxygen mask had been removed, his weight had increased, and his weight had grown, but his breathing was still difficult.boy massage