Carbon nine leaks: a delay in fishing for seafood and fishermen is being counted

In the early morning of November 4, a leakage occurred at the hose connecting Ningbo-Tiantong No. 1 ship to the wharf where Fujian Donggang Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd. was carrying out the C 9 shipment, resulting in a total leakage of 6.97 tons of C 9. Subsequently, Quanzhou Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau carried out the clean-up of the carbon nine leakage area, which was basically completed on the evening of 4 th. In addition, water quality and seafood sampling were also carried massage
On November 4, the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Bureau of Quangang District issued an urgent notice on the suspension of the arrest, sale and consumption of aquatic products in the waters of Xiaocuo Village, the jurisdiction of Quangang District. The notice said that there was an unidentified oil pollution in the sea area of the village of Nanpu Town, Nanpu Town, Quangang on the 4 day of November. According to the unified deployment of the District Committee and the district government, in order to guarantee the safety of the people's edible aquatic products, the arrest, sale and consumption of aquatic products in the Xiaocuo village sea area should be suspended immediately. Coastal towns (streets) should do a good job of raising farmers, and through various forms to inform the masses to improve self-prevention awareness, to ensure health.male massage
According to the Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau, the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere were 0.429 mg/m3 (below 4.0 mg/m3 is the safety value) around 18:00 on the 4th. On November 5, the air indexes of the automatic air monitoring sub-station in Quangang District continued to be normal. The atmospheric V0Cs in the affected sea area was 0.0574 mg/m3, and the oil content in the seawater quality monitoring points accorded with the first (1). (2) The water quality standards of Class I seawater and chemical oxygen demand meet the requirements of Class I seawater quality standards (aquaculture water quality requirements).gay spa
Does the quality of water meet the requirements of aquaculture water quality? Does that mean that seafood can be released? On the morning of November 7, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily called the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Bureau of Quangang District. Staff members said that the notice of suspending the arrest, gay sauna sale and consumption of aquatic products in Xiaocuo Village was still valid. "The third-party inspection agencies have sampled and tested water quality and seafood, and now the inspection report has not been released, whether Xiaocuo Village aquatic products should be released or not." Product fishing depends on water quality and seafood inspection report.
At the same time, the staff said that the air and water quality monitoring results reported by the EPA met the requirements only on the same day. In order to release fishing, it is necessary to test the water quality for a period of time to meet the requirements of aquaculture water quality, and the water quality standards do not mean that there is no problem with seafood. At present, the results of seafood testing have not been given, but still for safety reasons. No fishing. "To this end, we will strengthen the Xiaocuo village sea area patrol to prevent fishermen from fishing unauthorized, and the market supervision and Management Bureau will also strengthen the market patrol."
A fisherman in Xiaocuo village told the Beijing Qingdao newspaper that his family could not sell the seafood caught off the coast because of the suspension notice. "The sea is far away from Xiaocuo village, but people who buy seafood, whether you are farmed or fished in the sea, dare not buy them. These seafood are usually in short supply, and some villagers'livelihoods are thus cut off." In addition to economic losses, some fishermen also reported symptoms of dizziness and vomiting and were club
In response, the staff of the Quangang Agriculture, Forestry and Water Bureau said that the suspension of fishing for seafood was only aimed at the Xiaocuo village sea area. For the losses caused by fishermen, the relevant departments are currently in the process of statistics and verification, and the chemical enterprises involved will make compensation in the bar