Speed up the rectification of low-speed electric vehicles

BEIJING, Nov. 8, by the consent of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport and the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), requesting the local people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government to Clean up and rectify the low-speed electric vehicles, strictly prohibit the new production capacity of low-speed electric vehicles, and strengthen the standardized management of low-speed electric vehicles.gay massage
Low-speed electric vehicle mainly refers to low speed, short driving mileage, low technology level of key components such as batteries and motors. It is used for three-wheeled and four-wheeled electric vehicles for carrying passengers or cargo, including old-age bicycles.male massage
In recent years, the production and market scale of low-speed electric vehicles in China has expanded disorderly. The number of production enterprises has exceeded 100, and the scale of production and marketing has exceeded one million. The disorderly production and use of low-speed electric vehicles bring a series of problems to the society. Most of the low-speed electric vehicle products do not meet the requirements of the current technical standards for motor vehicle safety, the production enterprises do not have the qualifications for motor vehicle production, and the vehicles go on the road without licenses, licenses and insurance, which seriously violates the relevant provisions of the existing laws and regulations, and has a serious impact on road traffic safety and traffic order. According to the statistics of relevant departments in 2017, 830,000 low-speed electric vehicle traffic accidents occurred in China in the past five years, resulting in 18,000 deaths and 186,000 injuries. The number of accidents and deaths caused by low-speed electric vehicles increased year by year, with an average annual growth of 23.3% and 30.9% in the past three years.gay spa
For this reason, more and more traffic participants call for strengthening the supervision of the production, sale and use of low-speed electric vehicles from the source, safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers and public transport order, handling the relationship between traffic safety and travel convenience, strengthening the regulation of illegal production, sale and use of such vehicles, and reducing potential safety hazards.
The notice clearly states the following three aspects:gay sauna
First, we should speed up the production and sales of low-speed electric vehicles. It is implemented in three stages. In the first stage, the basic situation of the low-speed electric vehicle production enterprises is clarified, which lays a good foundation for the follow-up work. In the second stage, enterprises that borrow the permission of the "Announcement" or produce and sell low-speed electric vehicle products in the name of special vehicle production permission beyond the scope found in the previous stage of investigation should be rectified, and those without business license should be banned and sealed up according to law. In the third stage, the provincial people's government should formulate the adjustment plan for the transformation of the low-speed electric vehicle production capacity reduction and elimination, formulate and implement the special plan for cleaning up and rectification in the region, and take comprehensive measures to clean up the enterprises and products that fail to meet the standards according to law after the relevant policies are promulgated.gay sex massage
Two, we must strictly prohibit the production of low speed electric vehicles. People's governments at all levels are required to strictly implement relevant laws and regulations on motor vehicle production and sales, stop formulating and promulgating policies to encourage the development of low-speed electric vehicles, stop formulating and promulgating access conditions for low-speed electric vehicles, stop approving or filing investment projects for low-speed electric vehicles, and stop building new low-speed electric vehicle enterprises and expanding them. Infrastructure projects such as production plants should stop adding new low-speed electric vehicles; areas where relevant policies have been formulated and promulgated should stop executing immediately; projects under construction should be corrected immediately to ensure that the production capacity of low-speed electric vehicles does not increase.gay club
The three is to establish a long-term regulatory mechanism. The provincial people's governments should formulate the disposal methods of low-speed electric vehicles in use according to the specific conditions of the region, study and set up a transitional period for a certain period of time, and speed up the elimination of products in use of illegal low-speed electric vehicles by means of replacement, repurchase and encouragement of scrapping. Relevant departments should speed up the study and formulation of follow-up policies and measures, establish inter-ministerial linkage, inter-ministerial linkage and joint supervision mechanism, formulate assessment methods, commend the regions and departments that have achieved remarkable results in fulfilling the requirements, report and criticize the inadequate work, and pursue accountability for inaction.boy massage