Dark Boss Wen Lihong was tried

On December 10, according to the appointment of the Hunan Provincial High Court, 25 defendants, such as Wen Liehong, were involved in criminal cases such as organizing, leading and participating in underworld-like organizations. They were heard in public at the first instance of the Changde Intermediate Court.gay massage
The indictment of Changde People's Procuratorate accuses Wen Lihong of granting usurious loans to some business owners in Changsha Province since 2002. He has opened casinos, organized gambling casinos and offered settlement of gambling funds in major hotels in Changsha City, attracting and attracting many business owners to participate in gambling activities and make profits from them.male massage
In 2009, Wen Lihong recruited defendants such as Shebin and Gong Hao to use illegal detention and other violent means to recover usury debts and gambling debts.
In February 2010, with the advice and assistance of the defendant Yao Yue, Wen Liehong registered Hunan Hongda Pawnbroking Co., Ltd. to establish a company-based model of usury, violent debt collection, opening casinos, and gradually establish the defendant's humanistic magnificence as the organizer and leader, the defendant Shu Kai, She Bin, Gong Hao as the backbone members, and the defendant Liu Chu. Ping, Wang Feng, Yao Yue, Yi Huiyue and Wenya were the active participants. The defendants Chen Zhifu, Hu Gaosheng, Zhang Xiangwei and Huang Zemeng were the stable underworld organizations of other participants.gay spa
Through long-term organized illegal and criminal activities such as illegal usury, violent debt collection, extortion, forced trading, fraud, opening casinos, gambling and so on, the criminal organization seized huge economic interests and seized, seized and frozen more than 1.2 billion yuan of assets involved in the case, resulting in a number of business owners whose legitimate interests were damaged. They dare not report or accuse; they seriously interfere with and destroy the normal production, operation and work order of many companies, resulting in a standstill of their business activities and the failure of the real estate projects developed, thus causing many large-scale mass incidents, which have a significant impact in Yuelu District of Changsha City, Dingcheng District of Changde City, etc. Bad local economic order and social order.gay club
On September 20, 2018, the Changde People's Procuratorate prosecuted 25 defendants, including Wen Liehong, in three cases.
Changde City guarantees the litigation rights of the defendants in accordance with the law. For the defendants who have not entrusted defenders, the Legal Aid Center is requested to appoint lawyers who provide legal aid to them as defenders. Twenty-eight defenders met with the defendants separately before the court and consulted all the files.
Changde Intermediate People's Court convened two pre-trial meetings of prosecutors, defendants and defenders to exchange views on issues related to trial, such as jurisdiction, avoidance, exclusion of illegal evidence, ways of cross-examination of proof, etc. The three cases will be heard in public in turn.
It is reported that the trial time of the case is expected to last 8-15 days.
According to local media in Hunan, Wen Liehong was born in Minfu Village, Qiaoyi Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha, in December 1969. Because he ranks third among brothers and sisters, people call him "Wen Sanyi", which is also the origin of his later name "Wen Sanyi" after he joined the underworld.
The reporter of Beiqing Daily noted that in October this year, the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission publicly exposed five typical cases of corruption and "umbrella", including Wen Lihong's "umbrella" Zhou Fubo.
In December 2014, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau filed a case against Wen Liehong, the chief member of criminal gangs involved in crime of tax evasion and illegal business operation. For this reason, Wen Liehong repeatedly asked Zhou Fubo, then deputy secretary of the Party Committee and executive vice-director of the provincial public security department, to take care of him (Zhou was often acquainted with Wen Liehong's casino gambling).gay sauna
In the first half of 2015, Zhou Fubo instructed Changsha Public Security Bureau to suspend the investigation and to coordinate the relationship between Wen Liehong and the informant. After that, Changsha Public Security Bureau made a decision to withdraw the case. Shan Dayong, former deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and standing deputy director of the Changsha Public Security Bureau, contacted Wen Lihong, the party involved in the case, informed him of the violation, and took advantage of his position to act as an "umbrella" for Wen Lihong's criminal gangs involved in criminal activities and received huge amounts of property.gay sky massage