Rail Intersection: Crossing Huangpu River on Bridge

After more than four years of intensive construction, the southern extension of Line 5 has completed all the construction tasks. As the first rail transit project in China, which carries out simultaneous operation, construction and transformation at the same time, the construction challenges are many and the project is difficult. Before the formal commissioning, the staff will also conduct a series of comprehensive system debugging and various exercises for all facilities and equipment on the line to ensure the best condition to meet the commissioning operation at the end of the year.gay massage
As the first rail transit project in China, the South extension of Line 5 starts from Dongchuan Road Station on the existing line in the north and Fengxian New Town Station in the south. The total length of the line is about 19.5 kilometers. There are Dongchuan Road Station, Jiangchuan Road Station, Xidu Station, Xiaotang Station, Fengpu Road Station, Huancheng East Road Station, Wangyuan Road Station, Jinhaihu Station and Fengxian New Town Station in the whole line. Block station. Among them, there are 5 elevated stations and 4 underground stations. The construction and opening of the southern extension of Line 5 will close the regional connection between Minhang and Fengxian, and strengthen the fast traffic connection between the two districts and the central urban area.
Minpu No. 2 Bridge is a double-deck single-tower cable-stayed bridge with the largest span of both highway and urban rail transit in China. The upper deck of the bridge is a second-class highway and the lower deck is a southern extension of rail transit line 5.male massage
As Shanghai's first rail transit line crossing Huangpu River in the form of a bridge, the bridge structure has higher requirements for the weight limit and the height of the track structure. Therefore, for the first time, the South Extension Track Project of Line 5 has laid a "light prefabricated floating slab" on the elevation, which not only greatly reduces the vibration of the train in operation, but also provides convenience for the maintenance and replaceability of the track after operation. The construction problem that the floating slab can not be laid across the beam joint is solved by combining the prefabricated floating slab with the cast-in-place floating slab.
In addition, this design of track gradient adjustment initiates the design idea of adapting the vertical curve to bridge deformation, adjusts the radius and range of vertical curve combined with bridge deformation, and adopts curve pillow lifting device for the first time in domestic rail transit, which makes track surface smooth, improves ride comfort and ensures driving safety.gay spa
The construction and decoration of South Extension Project Station of Line 5 follows the green design principle of "simplicity and beauty" of sustainable development, highlights the aesthetic feeling of the building with the least decorative materials, and increases the level and rhythm of the space by strengthening the design of lighting and lamps.
For example, the station halls of Jiangchuan Road and Xidu Railway Station are all decorated bare. Clean-water concrete coatings are applied on the surface of box girders. The structure of flange plates between box girders is illuminated by lamp belts to make the space more transparent and comfortable. The roof truss of Xiaotang Station adopts a curved umbrella structure with four sides. The roof surface of the platform is more concise and bright with the treatment of some light-transmitting materials. The side windows are made of glass curtain walls. Through the lighting design, the station's permeable texture can also be presented at night. Fengpu Avenue Station makes full use of natural light and perfectly integrates elements such as large span, membrane structure skylight and high window, thus creating a station conforming to green building standards. In addition, the four underground stations, adhering to the tone of simple and elegant style, integrate Fengxian's regional characteristics and folk culture elements, carry out special design on the shape of lamps and lanterns, and all set up art wall shape, so as to achieve an organic combination of function and art.gay sauna
In order to meet the needs of 6 sections of marshalling and operation of main and branch lines, the existing Dongchuan Road Station has been rebuilt and expanded in the South Extension Project. After the rebuilding and expansion, it is an elevated three-storey double-island station, which satisfies the passengers'interchange in three directions. At the same time, the construction team also transformed the vehicle control room, upgraded equipment and streamlined integration, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition, in order to make passengers have a better travel experience, the bus supporting facilities around Dongchuan Road Station have been systematically integrated. Through a series of measures, such as new P+R parking lot, re-planning taxis and bus exchange lines, increasing non-motor vehicle parking space, expanding the area of evacuation square in front of the station and so on, the transfer inside and outside the station is more convenient and orderly.gay sky massage