The old man died suddenly and the police searched for his relatives in the house.

A lonely elderly man in his 60s collapsed in the corridor of his room and died suddenly. When the old man died suddenly, how to deal with the aftermath, and how to deal with the property and legacy left behind by him? Yin Jing, a community policeman at Nanquan Road Police Station of Pudong Public Security Bureau, contacted Street civil affairs cadres, consulted old archives and went thousands of miles away to Zhengzhou to seek relatives for the elderly. Finally, he found his half-sister. Under the operation of his sister, Mr. Lv's aftermath was handled properly.
Sudden accidental death left massage
On the morning of September 3, 2018, the Nanquan Road Police Station of Pudong Public Security Bureau received 110 alarms from residents of the area under its jurisdiction, saying, "In Room 203 of a residential area of Yinan Road, a man fell in the corridor of his room." After receiving the alarm, the patrol policemen of Nanquan Police Station rushed to the scene immediately and notified 120 ambulances to rush to the scene for treatment. At the same time, Yin Jing, the community policeman, rushed to the scene for disposal. However, 120 ambulance workers confirmed that the man had died, which was later identified by forensic medicine as sudden death.
Yin Jing, a community policeman, knows that the dead man, whose surname is Lu, is a solitary and widowed old man in his 60s. male massage   
The sudden death of the old man has also aroused considerable discussion among the residents of the jurisdiction. When you die, what will you do with your afterlife? How to deal with the property and inheritance left by the elderly? Residents of the community also heard that the old man is a philatelic enthusiast and keeps many precious stamps. What should we do?
For a time, there was a lot of discussion in the community. This series of thorny problems lingered in Yin Jing's heart of the community policemen.
Search for roots and find relatives for him
Yin Jing remembers chatting with the old man in the past. He once heard the old man say that he had a short marriage when he was young, but he divorced after only six months and had no children with his ex-wife. However, he had a half-sister outside the city who had occasional contact with his father, but could not find the way to contact his sister in the old man's home.
When this clue was broken, Yin Jing traced back to the origin, starting with Mr. Lv's life trajectory from the very beginning to spa
Yin Jing took the street civil affairs cadres to the citizen's center to consult the old archives of decades ago. He found that Mr. Lv's biological father worked in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the 1950s and married and had children there. So Mr. Lv did have a half-sister in Zhengzhou. After consulting the files, I learned that his half-sister was called "Lu Xiaohong".
Yin Jing immediately contacted Zhengzhou police in Henan Province. According to the feedback from Zhengzhou police in Henan Province, there were 59 eligible women named "Lu Xiaohong", but it was impossible to confirm which one was Mr. Lu's sauna
Yin Jing immediately reported the investigation to his leader. With the consent of his leader, he and the civil affairs cadres of the street rushed to Zhengzhou by high-speed rail to find "Lu Xiaohong".
The elder sister who changed her name finally found it.
In the search for the next few days, Yin Jinghe and the street civil affairs cadres and soldiers ran through Zhengzhou Old Cadres Bureau and Telecommunications Bureau in several ways, and inquired about Mr. Lv's father's former unit, but still did not find the "Lv Xiaohong" to look for.
Unfortunately, a group of people can only go back to Shanghai first, but the stubborn Yin Jing did not give up on this. Every few days, he contacts Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau and other organ affairs bureaus by telephone to inquire about the latest progress. Eventually, after many setbacks, he finally found Mr. Lv's sister, Lv Xiaohong. As early as 40 years ago, "Lu Xiaohong" had been club
After contacting, Mr. Lv's sister arrived in Shanghai on the morning of November 8. Under his management, Mr. Lv's aftermath was properly handled and Mr. Lv's property was well sky  massage