Residents suffering from lack of supporting facilities

It's still difficult to see a doctor, to buy food, to travel. At the end of the year, many citizens reported to the newspaper that the supporting facilities for the construction of their residential areas were still not in place. "Another year is coming, why is Ala's life still so inconvenient?" Recently, reporters visited several residential districts to find out where the roots of people's worries, worries and worries are for many massage
Reporters at the scene saw that there was a community health service station beside the Meiping Road Meiluo Home Community Center, which is the main medical point of the surrounding residents at present. One resident said that there were still some differences in the level and scale of health stations and community health service centers, so he sometimes had to go to Luodian Hospital to see a doctor and dispense medicines. The journey was about half an hour. Asked if he knew there were community health service centers in his area, the resident said he did not know.
In Merlot Home Community Center, reporters observed that there are temporary service points for community affairs. Mr. Zhang said that formal community affairs acceptance centers and community health service centers were all located on Yangnan Road. "The brand is hanging up, but it is not open."male masssage
The reporter contacted the Merlot Home Community Center. A person in charge of the center responded that the community health service center has been built and is located at the intersection of Luonan Road, Yangnan Road. It is now in the stage of fire control acceptance. To be accepted and approved, transfer to Luodian Town for management and formal operation. "Next year is expected." The person in charge said that the other three centers, pension centers, community cultural activities centers and community affairs reception centers, have not been built yet, and will be opened at the same time as health centers without spa
It is understood that by the end of this year, the large residential community of Merlot Home will also have two new residential areas for residents to live in, and the arrival of supporting public facilities has become more urgent.
Up to the time of submission, Mr. Zhang received a reply from the relevant departments. The opening time of Merlot Home Community Health Service Center is "next August". "I hope we don't have to slow down three times this time."gay club
"The Huachi Road Vegetable Farm will be demolished at the end of this year. What shall we do when we buy food in the future?" Wang Laobo, a resident of Guan Nong Road 311 Nong District, said that Huachi Road vegetable farm is large in scale and has many kinds of vegetables. It is close to the residential area, and the neighboring residents like to buy vegetables here. At the end of November, a notice was posted at the entrance of the restaurant, which said that the restaurant would be closed and demolished by the end of December. It did not mention whether a new restaurant would be built in the future. This can not help but alarm the residents, especially the elderly. "There are more than 3,000 households in our community. The proportion of the elderly is very large. There is almost no place to buy vegetables besides this vegetable farm around us."gay sauna
In response, the Shiquan Road Community Party Office responded that there was a vegetable farm near Huachi Road, but it belonged to an illegal market, which was demolished last year. Afterwards, a temporary Huachi Road vegetable farm was built beside the original site of the old vegetable farm, taking into account the residents'demand for vegetables. Nowadays, the site is facing upgrading and renovation, planning to build a new business building. "The underground floor of the commercial building has planned to build a large fresh market, which will facilitate residents to buy vegetables in the future." Shiquan Road Street said that at present, with the cooperation of all parties concerned, the street has been connected with various vegetable companies, and has launched affordable vegetable services in neighboring residential areas.
There are thousands of households living in Baoliye District, 577 Tangqilu Road. "Buying vegetables is a real headache!" Resident Mr. Yang said that when the community was built, the developers promised that the surrounding vegetable farms would be built to meet the daily needs of residents. Five years later, the developer's promise became a "blank check". Nowadays, it is inconvenient for residents to go to the supermarket on Qihua Road to buy food.
Mr. Yang said that supermarkets on Qihua Road mainly sell daily necessities, and vegetable varieties have become fewer and fewer in recent years. Many residents have to drive to a distant vegetable farm to buy back a week's food, eating fresh food is simply a luxury. Residents have also repeatedly reported to the relevant departments, the response has been: the west side of the plot has a planned vegetable farm, has been included in the land transfer plan. After the land transfer is completed, construction will start as soon as possible to serve the surrounding residents. "Every year, every year, I don't know when I can wait for the restaurant at my door?"
Reporters inquired 12345 civil service hotline related work orders found that the lack of supporting facilities in residential areas, construction lag problems, most concentrated on the road is not open, there is no vegetable farm, lack of educational facilities, the "last kilometer" traffic is not covered. Among them, the large residential communities in the suburbs reflect more.
Large-scale residential areas have all kinds of supporting facilities in the planning plan, but the reality is that tens of thousands of residents live in, and community support such as vegetable farms, hospitals, banks, post offices has not been stationed yet. The construction lags behind, making residents "stretch their necks and so on." Relevant construction department staff analyzed to reporters that the supporting construction of large residential communities is lagging behind. There are not only insufficient security funds, but also poor communication between municipal and district functional departments, leading to repeated errors in completion time.
In addition, the reporter combed 12345 civil hotline work orders and found that the main reason for the lack of matching in the newly-built commercial housing district is that the developer "backfired". Previously, 12345 citizen hotline supervised a very typical case, a new building in the beginning of the purchase of housing, promised to build supporting kindergartens, but in the past few years, this teaching land has not been started, desolate. This case also reflects that the relevant departments are not strict in supervision and did not promptly and actively urge developers to build educational sky massage
The supporting of residential districts is related to all aspects of residents'lives, and it is up to the age of one.