Does the registration fee of the hospital only cost 0.5 yuan?

In a clinic of Tianquan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sichuan Province, a doctor dressed in white hexagrams with pale hair kept busy with patients with bone injuries. Outside his clinic, there are countless people standing in line every day. This doctor is Chen massage
Chen Huaijing is 74 years old this year. His ancestors have been practicing medicine for generations since the reign of Qianlong. The three brothers of the Chen family are all doctors in hospitals. Chen Huaijing ranks the eldest among the brothers because
Tianquan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was reformed from a private clinic founded by Chen Huaijing. In 1975, Chen Huaijing donated the clinic to the collective to establish an orthopaedic hospital in Chengguan Town, Tianquan County. In 1991, Tianquan County Chengguan Town Orthopaedic Hospital was once again donated free to the state to establish a nationwide ownership of Tianquan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.male massage
Chen Huaijing has voluntarily abandoned his family property many times, and his choice has made many people feel incredible. And he just laughed and said, money is not important, as a doctor, everything should be treated first.
"The most important thing is to save people." Chen Huaijing said that his main purpose of running the hospital is for the common people, hoping to give the poor people a place to see a doctor.
The workload of 29 years is equivalent to that of 51 years for ordinary people.
Chen Huaijing arrives at the hospital at 6 a.m. every day until 3 p.m. to go home for dinner, and then returns to the hospital at 6 p.m. to work until 10 p.m., 365 days a spa
Some people have calculated for Chen Huaijing that the annual workload of ordinary people is 2472 hours, while he is 4350 hours, and his 29-year workload is equivalent to 51 years'workload of ordinary people.
Because most of the day is spent on curing illness and saving people, Chen Huaijing has been practicing for so many years, the farthest place to go is Chengdu; for the sake of patients, even for the wedding of three children, he has no time to club
Chen Huaijing's son Chen Ruolai did not understand his father at first, but as he grew older, he gradually found that his father was different. Every time he walks in the street, Chen Ruorei sees strangers greeting his father warmly. It was not until he became an orthopaedic surgeon that he slowly began to understand his choice as a doctor's father, and he was extremely proud of his father.
As long as I don't fall, I'll see them.
Li Chunggang is Chen Huaijing's colleague. He has worked with Chen Huaijing for 20 years. Li Chunggang used to call Chen Huaijing "Mr." to express his sauna
"Sir really loves his career." Li Chunggang recalled that when Chen Huaijing had a toothache, in order not to affect his work, he pulled out his teeth at home and bit the cotton ball to go to work. Once, Chen Huaijing was found to have gastric bleeding, and the doctor advised him to rest many times. He resolutely disagreed and went to the hospital to treat the patient immediately after infusion. Another time, a patient came to the hospital to see a doctor and Chen Huaijing asked him about the injury on his own initiative. The patient took Chen Huaijing as a cleaner, because at that time Chen Huaijing was squatting down to wash the dustbin stained with pus and blood.
For those patients with poor families, Chen Huaijing often pays for their treatment.
There was once an old sick man in Neijiang, Sichuan, who could not get effective treatment because his family was poor. When he heard of Chen Huaijing's name, he walked to Tianquan County with two corn on his back and asked Chen Huaijing for medical treatment. When Chen Huaijing learned about his situation, he said nothing and waived all the medical expenses of the elderly. After the old man recovered, Chen Huaijing paid for the old man himself and sent him home.
Li Chunggang said that there are countless such things in Chen Huaijing's career as a doctor.
"As long as I don't fall, I'll see them." With the growth of age, Chen Huaijing is suffering from hypertension and gastroenteritis due to years of fatigue. He had a lot of medicine in the cupboard of his clinic, and when he felt bad, he took a few pills.
I just did my part as a doctor.
Chen Huaijing never wears medals or certificates in his clinic. He also refused many times to honor his superiors and sky massage
In 2007, Chen Huaijing was nominated for "the first ten famous TCM doctors in Sichuan Province", which he initially refused. Later, under repeated persuasion and even orders from county and municipal leaders, Chen Huaijing went to Chengdu to attend the awards ceremony.
Chen Huaijing seldom accepts media interviews, even this interview by reporters, but also through many persuasions, Chen Huaijing reluctantly accepted. He said, "What I do is very small. It's a doctor's job."
But Chen Huaijing could not resist the enthusiasm of the patients. In Tianquan County, when you meet older people, as long as you ask Chen Huaijing, they will tell you, "That's Mr. Big, Mr. Big is a good doctor!"
In the hospital pond, there are many fish of different colours and sizes. Doctors in the hospital said that the fish were put in by Chen Huaijing's Tibetan patients, and they thanked Chen Huaijing in this simple way.
Nowadays, although Chen Huaijing has retired, everybody can still see him busy every day in the hospital.
He said that as long as he did not fall, he would continue to work in the position of traditional Chinese medicine.