Watching the snow trapped, the security involved dangerous rescue

"Thank you so much for saving my child." On the morning of December 30, a 4-year-old boy was holding the balcony guardrail tightly on the 4th floor of the residential building in Mingdu District of Jinpeng, Changsha County. He could only see his feet stepping on the edge of the balcony, which looked less than 10 cm wide, and his hands were slightly red in the snow and massage
Fortunately, in the critical moment, the security guards broke into the house and rescued the boy who had been frozen for 40 minutes in the snowstorm. It is understood that the little boy woke up that day to find his parents, unable to go out, and was attracted by the snow, so he ran to the balcony, over the fence to watch the snow.
"Child, don't be afraid. Hold on to the guardrail. Your parents will come home and save you right away." Li Wuliang, a property security guard in Jinpeng Mingdu District, Changsha County, loudly placated the little boy on the fourth floor. The little boy, who was only four years old, was trapped outside the balcony for more than 40 minutes after crossing the balcony guardrail in the absence of his parents. After Li Wuliang saw it, he immediately notified the property rescuers. Finally, the property smashed the burglar-proof door open with a fire axe and crowbar, and rescued the little boy.male massage
On December 30, Changsha was hit by heavy snow, which covered the city overnight. However, a frightening thing happened in Jinpeng Mingdu District of Changsha County in the snow.
Around 8:20 a.m., the property security of the residential area accepted the task of patrolling every building in the residential area to see if there was any danger caused by heavy snow.
When he reached the seven buildings, Li Wuliang habitually raised his head. Then he saw a scene that surprised him. A little boy stood in the narrow place outside the balcony guardrail, motionless and seemed to be at a loss.
"I look terrified." Why does a little boy stand in an unimaginable place? Li Yongliang was too late to think. He blurted out, "Children, don't be afraid, grab the guardrail, your parents will go home to save you immediately", and then repeatedly comforted the little spa
In addition to appeasing, Li Wuliang is also looking for ways to save people. First, he runs to the property office and tells the property about the danger. After that, he flew back to the seven buildings, while the little boy stood upstairs crying. "He stayed outside the balcony for about 40 minutes. It must be very cold." Property company staff said.
Hearing the crying, Li Wuliang was even more anxious. He decided to take the risk of climbing the guardrail. He started climbing from the first floor. Every guardrail felt a bitter chill, but Li Wuliang did not hesitate to grasp the guardrail and climb up layer by club
One, two and three layers, Li Wuliang was silent in his mind. "I didn't think about anything. I didn't think about how cold it was or how dangerous it was. I just thought about saving the children." However, when Li Wuliang climbed to the top of the third barrier, he still encountered difficulties. His hand could not grasp the fourth barrier. The barrier was too slippery to grasp because of the snow. He slipped after grasping it. Li Wuliang hung himself with one hand and tried to climb with the other hand. "I am a soldier of military origin and have a good physique, but it is almost impossible to force up to the fourth barrier."
Climbing the guardrail was fruitless. Li Wuliang had to come down. The property workers contacted the little boy's father and learned that his parents were not at home.
He had to break the door. Li Wuliang and his colleagues came up with a safety axe. They kept smashing the door handle against theft-proof door and prying it open with a crowbar. After opening the door, the little boy still stood outside the balcony. Li Wuliang breathed a sigh of relief and ran over to take the little boy back to the room carefully. "I finally got this kid." Li Wuliang said with sauna
The little boy in his hand was still crying, and the little boy's father arrived immediately. It is understood that the mother of the little boy will go to work overtime that day, telling his father that he will come back soon after going shopping, and don't run around, and then leave after the boy is asleep at ease. Unexpectedly, the little boy woke up unable to find his parents and go out, and the snowscape attracted the little boy's attention. Curiosity prompted him to run to the balcony, turn over the guardrail and stand in the narrow area Li Wuliang saw.
"Thank you so much for saving my child." The boy's father repeatedly thanked the property workers.