"Senseless Security Inspection" Shenhai High Speed Inspection Station:

Intelligent public security is an important part of Shanghai's three-year action plan for meticulous urban management. Science and technology play an important role in the management of Shanghai's mega-cities to achieve embroidery-like sophistication. At present, in public places such as road crossings, communities, roads and service windows in Shanghai, various scenarios of intelligent application have emerged. With the full release of police force, the number of cases has been greatly reduced, the convenience of citizens has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of urban management has been greatly improved. The journalist of this newspaper tries to present different ways of opening "Intelligent Public Security" in Shanghai by "dissecting sparrows".gay massage
On New Year's Day this year, Mr. Zhuangzhuang, a citizen returning from Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, was guided to the next security checkpoint at the G15 Shenhai Expressway (Shanghai and Zhejiang). Voice reminders told him to raise his head and look ahead, roll down the rear window and let the back passengers show their faces. Mr. Zhuangzhuang's naughty 5-year-old daughter smiled outside the window and drew a V-shaped gesture, stayed for 12 seconds, and lifted the pole automatically. Release.male massage
"That's the end of the security check?" Past crossing security checks required people to get off, check certificates, ask for information, check luggage, sniff dogs, check the car bottom, which took an average of 5 minutes, sometimes even 10 minutes. On the way back from the holidays, there are endless traffic between Shanghai and Hangzhou, but the roads are always smooth. Mr. Zhuang sighed, "This is the service of Shanghai, the speed of Shanghai!" Intelligence makes Shanghai management as delicate as embroidery."
It is the original intention of Shanghai's "Intelligent Public Security" construction to use intelligent technology and equipment to meet the needs of citizens and provide more convenience and security.gay spa
Chen Jie, head of science and Technology Department of Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, was the creator of this intelligent security system. "At that time, I looked at the smart phone I was working on and wondered: Science and technology have developed to this point, why can't our city security management also be intelligent? Let science and technology provide convenience for the people and lighten the burden for the police is the problem to be solved in the construction of "intelligent public security".
In the process of investigation, Chen Jie found that there are bottlenecks in the traditional checkpoints, such as "difficult security, time-consuming, poor experience of the masses". Can we develop a "senseless security inspection" at the entrance? With the efforts of Chen Jie and colleagues, the system was born and named "FISH" - the initials of four English words "Fast", "Intelligence", "Security" and "Harmony".gay sauna
"Driver's security check'No sense', the police's personal safety has also been protected." Reporters at the G15 Shenhai Expressway (Shanghai and Zhejiang) checkpoint saw that only one policeman on the scene could complete the patrol of four automatic security lanes. "In the past, we were most afraid that suspected vehicles would rush through the cards and run away. We could only quickly pave the nails and sometimes even rely on people to stop them." Li Binjie, head of G15 Shenhai Check Station, introduced that the new system integrates three major modules of "front, middle and end". The front-end filters the vehicles and blocks the vehicles with problems. The middle-end compares the passengers quickly and finely, and the end carries out all-round security checks on suspicious vehicles and personnel.gay bar
Nowadays, When inbound vehicles pass through the front toll station, the system quickly compares the vehicle number plates, realizes real-time alarm for stolen and controlled vehicles, and collects and compares the images of passengers in the front row division of the vehicle, so as to realize the preliminary filtering of the front end of the personnel. Vehicles enter the "smart security parking space" in the checkpoint security area. Five smart probes installed in different directions are used to quickly identify and compare license plates, drivers and passengers, which is the first system in the city to achieve simultaneous comparison of front and rear passengers. Once abnormal is found, the system will immediately alarm, and the front intercepting contact bar can block the suspected vehicle from going to the road within 1 second.gay club
The average number of vehicles passing through the crossing is 20,000 per day, and nearly 70% of them are small cars. "In the past, at least four police officers, four assistant police officers and one mobile police officer were required in the four small vehicle security lanes. Only 24-hour joint inspection can ensure the security of about 1,000 vehicles." The efficiency of security inspection has been greatly improved. Of course, the most direct feeling is Li Binjie, the head of Shenhai Checkpoint. "Now only one police force is needed, but the daily average security inspection vehicles and personnel have increased by 409% and 203% respectively compared with the same period last year." Over the past nine months, more than 4.6 million people and 2.9 million vehicles have been compared. The police force released has been able to strengthen the inspection of large and key vehicles - 23 fugitives have been caught at crossings since the system was put into operation on 22 March last year.