19-year-old female university student dormitory birth to dea

Biography killed female students dormitory to be "blocked"
Shandong Television lifestyle channel "live help" Reporters rushed to the living quarters City College of Shandong, according to the public to reflect the clues that girls in fourth dormitory accident occurred at the scene, police also ongoing exploration.gay escort
Reporters at The City College of Shandong fourth quarters downstairs to see, there are small groups of people claiming to be school student, no one was allowed near Building IV.
For school female students killed in accident news, many students have heard, but no one knows what the specific circumstances, reporters trying to close fourth dormitory, but was rejected.gay male massage videos
19-year-old school girl birth accidental death
Insiders, today around seven o'clock in the fourth Shandong City College dormitory room 4516, a girl was found lying dead on the balcony, there was found beside a newborn baby.
Minister of United Front Work Department Meng Hui College of propaganda to reporters: "That night she just say a stomach ache, who can not think of such a thing." This is why the girls do not have the same dormitory roommate to help it? Meng said the minister, because the reasons for a holiday, the dormitory only herself, but at night there are other quarters of the students to read these girls, when two together to the toilet, which is also dedicated to girls students to sent away.gay sauna
"Happen family is also very heavy, after all, their children, are now 'one hundred twenty-four' this family, it brings a series of problems, the school is not willing to see the situation." Meng said the minister.
19-year-old young girls, live a life, because of their lack of protection awareness, just leave, and even their own children did not keep. School, family and her students around, if there is a person understand the situation and make the appropriate protective measures, even if it is a reminder, the tragedy might not happen.
Press Review: Female College dormitory birth
Duck deplores sister saw the news, but in fact similar news we have not unfamiliar.gay sex massage
October 30, 2015, Yangling Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi medical school dormitory, a female student school children late at night, thrown downstairs from the third floor, was seen on the network with pictures, baby naked, lying on his side curled on the ground, next to a bloodstain.
This picture distressing, 2013 Kunming a university similar incident also occurred, freshman girls, night, because the child premature birth, her stomach pain middle of the night, but the school dormitory was closed at midnight, the girls only in the toilet of the child born. The next day, the girl turned out as usual.
Reminder: self-protection awareness of the need to improve female students.gay massage
Mothers and their children should have been a woman happy things in life, but not yet married at the university level, let us think of self-protection issues girls.
Yes, women have the right to enjoy nature, but should be implemented as claimed ability to learn. This is not just learning to master the "physical health" and medical knowledge, more important is the recognition of their rights. Female college students body should not be a reproductive machine, there is no reason, you can take their health to do bet. But also to have the virtue of an intervention to take responsibility, it can protect the life, health, brings dignity, courage, giving strength, does not repeat itself ignorant of pregnancy and birth toilet "farce."gay club