China Zika virus outbreak a lower risk of infection

World Health Report] [WHO representative in China, Dr. Bernhard Schwartlander issued a statement confirmed that the Chinese mainland on February 9 confirmed its first case notified to WHO Zika virus infections. He believes that China's current low risk occurs widely Zika virus outbreak.
Male patients, aged 34, Jiangxi, has a history of recent travel to South America. Ganzhou patients currently being treated in isolation at a hospital. Since February 6 hospitalized, the patient's condition has improved escort
Given the large number of people travel between China and South America, China appears Zika virus imported cases when expected.
Chinese health authorities to be ready for this case and more imported cases. As the virus spread by mosquitoes, and mosquito active non-winter season, therefore, China is a lower risk of the occurrence of extensive Zika virus male massage videos
Zika same mosquito-borne virus and mosquitoes spread dengue fever and other diseases. China has achieved great success in controlling the number of mosquitoes in Guangdong Province and other aspects of dengue-prone areas, and on the basis of good work for the Zika virus.
Please note that the WHO Director-General Statement of international concern to public health emergencies (PHIEC) is directed to the Zika virus-related head disease (a rare birth defect) clusters of cases, rather than Zika virus itself. In most cases, Zika virus infection are mild, patients can fully recover sex massage
WHO will continue to closely with Chinese health authorities to communicate, to monitor changes in the situation, assess the impact of the incident on China.