Questions about strawberry

1. Market strawberries often marked origin, are even more loud hawkers selling Sichuan, Changping and other names, all real estate strawberries, from nutrition and taste are so big difference? When people buy, the face of place names on the label, how do you choose?
Strawberry nutritional value of different origin indeed there will be some differences, if found some strawberry fruit larger and more hard, but with a lower sugar content, vitamin content is also less; some strawberry sugar content will be higher, gay bar 

and Some strawberry vitamin C content is higher. However, more than 90% of strawberry moisture content of other nutrients is not high, although there are differences in nutrient content between different varieties, but the overall amount does not differ much.
Therefore, when the selection of strawberries and strawberry is not necessary to be too concerned about the origin.

2. Strawberry names now are many, such as strawberries and cream, strawberry abundance, in fact, consumers can only be distinguished from the head, color. The biggest kid, to have the size of two ping-pong, consumers are worried that with the leavening agent?
Why home-grown in pots or in the garden strawberries grow not so much? Others say Expansin cause cancer, and will accumulate in the body, is that true thing?gay spa

Many people think that those big heads strawberries are hormones, in fact, is not accurate. Through the head and the shape of strawberries is not to judge the use of swelling Su, it is not completely reliable.
Strawberry's head and actually a lot of factors. First, the strawberry varieties itself has a very important influence. Some varieties of strawberries is head will be larger, the results can only be increased by the rate of plant hormones to accelerate growth, it is impossible to breed the original small average increases. In addition, through continuous cross breeding technology can also cultivate a large variety of heads,

this strawberry varieties in Europe was particularly prominent. Excluding the impact of species, as long as appropriately thinning, you can also get more strawberries.male massage

However, it is undeniable that some abnormally large strawberry enlargement does use elements may be present. However, the swelling Su did not I think of that horror.
Expansin is a plant growth regulator, it is not a new pesticide, nor is it illegal chemicals. Its scientific name Forchlorfenuron (CPPU), are widely used in fruits and vegetables, it can promote plant cells secrete cytokines doubled, increasing the number of plants per unit time of cell division;

at the same time, it can promote the growth hormone secretion, the cells grow larger. Results On the whole, we need the "fruit" on the increases.
Expansin security like? The study found that in mice, the mice acute toxic dose of oral Expansin 4918 mg per kilogram of body weight; if long-term exposure may cause disorder of protein. However, the amount of plant hormones are generally very low, and, under normal conditions, Expansin degraded rapidly, there is 60% degradation after spraying onto the plants 24 sex massage

Even after entering the animal, it will not hang Expansin experimental mice eat after 7 days of swelling Su, only 2% is present in mice. From the current research results, swelling Su is still very safe.
Overall, the unusually large strawberries, do have use inflated prime suspect. However, there are no reports of swelling Su cancer.