Dharma is the key to success lies in whether the correspondi

Dharma is the key to spiritual relief. Because each person's curse and blessing, pain and joy ...... all depends on each person's heart, if each of us to keep in mind to put true, good and beauty of the state, then everyone alive is to enjoy life, enjoy life. Otherwise, if our mindset was placed well, the concept of the right is not enough, then life to life is concerned, there is no doubt on the formation of a torment, torture.gay sex masage
Man, flies joy, happiness, freedom, or are willing to accept frustration, punishment and suffering ...... completely determined by the people themselves.gay massage
There are a lot of people feel the dream life, would not awaken, he refused to pursue the awakening of life, it is his own thing; but there are a lot of people a lifetime pursuit of Dhamma, the pursuit of liberation, enter the halls, seeking relief on without relief, seeking enlightenment turned more confusing, such a person a lot of people, so we say: Dhamma epic proportions.gay sex massage
You spend a lot of effort, to promote the Dhamma and writing, today attended the recent three "Zen Journal" the author of. Among you in writing, there is a certain kind of experience - serene. Because the key to the success of Dharma, is whether appropriate. "Appropriate", with the words of fashion now, it is the "call", whether a call? Is there induction? If Buddhism does not work for you, you study Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist, just absorb some reason, those speaking to you does not help. If you at the time of writing, feel inner serenity, he finished after, not as writing general articles feeling very tired, and this is appropriate, it is very valuable, which shows that you are not alone in the Fa-rectification, you and corresponding method, that is yoga (union) of the.male massage