Why swim old to pee?

First we look at how the formation of the first urination.
We all know that urine is stored in the bladder, when the bladder storage urine output reaches a certain level, bladder passive expansion, stretch receptors in the bladder wall will be stimulated and excited, and this can lead to irritation of the bladder wall detrusor muscle contraction, internal and external sphincter relaxation, will be stored in the bladder of urine discharge.
Secondly, why you would want to swim when you pee?
The main reason may have the following aspects: gay club
1, put pressure on the bladder pressure
In swimming, the water pressure will our bodies produce a certain pressure, the bladder will be indirectly affected by the pressure to make the extrusion, will stimulate the bladder sphincter, prompting the body to produce urine.
2 "water reflection" phenomenon at play.gay spa
"Water reflection" phenomenon is to see the water or come into contact with water, will produce the micturition reflex, this reflex is a natural reflection of people. "Water reflection" phenomenon there are many examples in life. For example, many older men enlarged prostate urination, this time the sound of running water faucet can help urination.
Why on earth you would want to swim when you pee?
However, people will not produce a stimulus pee, urine really need before they can, and then we look at this, "urine" Where did the extra?male massage
1, the metabolism of "water" increase
Swimming is a kind of movement, energy consumption will speed up metabolism and metabolites more naturally, while the maximum amount of energy metabolites substance is water and carbon dioxide, and therefore when swimming metabolism "water" more than usual.
2, to reduce perspiration. gay sex massage
One reason less perspiration in the water, the surface is covered by water surrounded pores closed; the second is generally lower than the temperature of swimming body temperature, the body does not require the secretion of sweat to reduce body temperature.
3, exhaled moisture reduction
People in swimming, breathing through the discharge water will have some reduced because the air around the swimming must be very moist.
4, the body out of the water
There are some experts believe that the lower the water temperature, the cells and blood vessels contracted, will be part of the water out into the urine.gay massage