Some yogurt drink the most calcium?

Yogurt is what made it? Yogurt is fresh milk as raw material, pasteurized before adding bacteria to milk, after fermentation, then cooled filling a milk product. Yogurt products currently on the market mostly solidified, agitation type and add a variety of fruit juices jams and other accessories type as much.
A night most calcium yogurt
Although milk also contains high calcium, but it is more than up, Yogurt contains lactic acid and calcium-binding, better play the role of promoting calcium absorption. Generally speaking, after dinner drink between 30 minutes to two hours of yogurt is best. However, Chinese medicine is recommended, in order to maximize the effectiveness of calcium yogurt, yogurt is best to drink in the spa
the reason:
1, 0:00 to midnight is the body's calcium content in the lowest time will help the absorption of dietary calcium.
2, 0:00 to midnight this time period, the human body factors affect calcium absorption less.
Tips: Be sure to remember the evening yogurt, yogurt bacteria and certain acidic substances have some damage to the teeth, brush your teeth after drinking should be timely or mouthwash. In addition, if drinking yogurt in the fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the gastrointestinal tract, yogurt too late to complete the digestion and absorption of nutrients was discharged after dinner drink can reduce irritation, so that yogurt is slowly absorbed in the sex massage
Several different effects at different times yogurt drink the most calcium?
Second, workers afternoon yogurt radiation
For those eating lunch, sitting in front of a computer is no longer active, all the time shrouded in electromagnetic radiation in the office workers, about two hours after a meal time to drink a cup of yogurt, is very beneficial to health. In addition, the yogurt in the afternoon, you can also ease the nervousness and pressure of work.
the reason:
1, studies have indicated that vitamin B can improve the body's ability to resist radiation damage, as rich in B vitamins yogurt just play this advantage. Yogurt also has reduces radiation damage and inhibition of radiation descendants number of lymphocytes decreased role.
2, yogurt tyrosine to ease the psychological pressure, high tension and anxiety caused by human fatigue, which are of great help. After the lactic acid fermentation, yogurt proteins, peptides, amino acids and other particles become small, greatly improving the content of free tyrosine, easier to absorb. After lunch or drink a cup of yogurt for lunch, office workers can relax in the afternoon full of energy, help to improve work efficiency.
Tip: yogurt should be a few times, not only better, but also to avoid eating too much cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Finally, note that drinking yogurt must remember gargle, otherwise the acid in yogurt and lactic acid bacteria can affect dental health.male massage
Yogurt contraindicated
However, yogurt is not much to drink are not fat, which itself contains a certain amount of heat, if you eat an extra meal on the basis of the original, it will also cause weight gain. The best way is to select the labeled fat and low-calorie yogurt words, although not as good as they taste so rich full-bodied full-fat yogurt, but low in calories, does not make the heat accumulation in the body very quickly and get fat.
In addition, yogurt is not for all ages. Patients, patients with diarrhea and gastrointestinal infants under 1 year after the operation, are not yogurt. Even healthy adults can not drink too much, otherwise easily lead to hyperacidity, affecting the gastric mucosa and the secretion of digestive enzymes and reduce appetite, destruction of the body's electrolyte balance. In general, drink two cups a day, each cup about 125 grams more