Spinach is inherently constipation nemesis

Spinach root part of the blade is higher than nutrition, containing more rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc., can promote intestinal peristalsis to prevent, alleviate constipation. While red root spinach is rich in carotene, is converted in the body into vitamin A, regular consumption can alleviate eye fatigue. Practice is also very simple spinach roots, the roots slightly mud, wash several times, boiled water to oxalic acid, into porridge or salad or soup consumption.gay sex massage
Spinach boiled water can not purge
Before eating spinach, most families choose to boiling water and then cooking practices, in order to remove large amounts of oxalic acid, to prevent too astringent, but also hinder the body's absorption of calcium. However, oxalic acid is not without merit, it can purge aid digestion.
If you want to reach a laxative effect, the former can not eat spinach boiled water. Per 100 grams of spinach contains about 360 mg of oxalic acid, oxalic acid which have a good laxative effect, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help the body of waste excreted, thereby preventing constipation and colon cancer, play a laxative to lose weight effect.
Since oxalic acid easily soluble in water, boiled spinach in boiling water for one minute, more than 80% of the oxalic acid will be destroyed, and the laxative effect of weight loss will be greatly reduced. So directly after the clean spinach salad, fried, soup, stuffing mix or directly on the line. Recommended with blood, mushrooms and other foods, is more conducive to the discharge of body waste, and better results.gay club
It is noteworthy that, due to oxalic acid in spinach have a laxative effect, diarrhea, as well as the elderly and children in the crowd when you try to eat spinach boiled water.
Dandruff drink spinach soup
Many people have dandruff troubles. Dandruff fundamentally is founded on the scalp cells "unhealthy" state due, to a certain extent, also reflects the body's organs function anyhow. Especially women, if increased dandruff, may often be accompanied by irregular menstruation, stomach and issues.
Deal with dandruff, a balanced diet is the key. In addition, a spinach may be appropriate to eat porridge diet. Spinach 50 grams, 50 grams of rice, wash the spinach, boiled to the astringency, cut into sections. Amoy net rice into the pot and then cooked spinach into the soup to boil. Spinach nourishing and bleeding, rice spleen and stomach, the two combined to Qi Yin, moistening blood.
Spinach is a folic acid supplement players
Spinach blood only a legend, but appropriate to eat spinach folic acid supplements point is reliable. In addition to the animal liver, beans, spinach considered include folic acid food.
Pregnancy first four weeks of fetal neural tube is formed during differentiation and important. If the lack of folic acid at this stage, may increase the risk of preterm delivery tube defects and fetal nervous. Therefore, before pregnancy, three to six months to be pregnant as early as possible intake of foods rich in folate. In fact, the amount of folic acid contained in spinach catty, in fact, more than 1 400 micrograms of folic acid tablets. In addition, folic acid deficiency can lead to elevated homocysteine ​​levels and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Spring is the most tender spinach, boiled water quickly after eating salad, soup or cook spinach, chicken spinach and so can.
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Recently, higher temperatures may be appropriate to eat spinach mixed with some cold dishes. There are two kinds of spinach leaves and leaf tip circle, a National Public nutritionist said Wang Wei Qing, general recommendation election round leaves.male massage
Spinach leaf petiole slender sharp, thin blade, more delicate, small and appear white root, such as fresh spinach general supermarket sales sterilized vegetables. Round leaf spinach leaves thick and large, more developed root mostly red, usually in the markets, said more scattered, sell poor taste will be thicker.
Generally, round leaf spinach nutritional value than sharp leaf spinach, because most roots strong crude leaf spinach is grown outdoors, its dietary fiber, chlorophyll and other nutrients better than greenhouses delicate little spinach.
In addition, round leaf spinach thick red roots minerals and dietary fiber is higher than the stem, not discarded after eating stew soup can be cleaned. Since the open-air spinach relatively thick, blanch spinach time should be slightly higher than the greenhouse, in addition to oxalic acid can be removed, but also make taste better.gay