Morning fasting drink milk harm teach you the right to drink

Want to eat something in the morning, looking at many of the food in the refrigerator do not know how to choose? Many people eat less at night, in the morning hungry, brushing their teeth began to readily get something to eat, whether it is not appropriate to eat on an empty stomach in the morning. In fact, many people do not know that some food is not suitable for the morning after fasting food, otherwise it will affect their health. Next Xiaobian introduce hazards morning fasting drink milk and milk method. For good health, we have to massage
The correct way to drink in the morning fasting harm milk drink milk in the morning you can drink milk fasting
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Fasting morning to drink milk, what is the harm?
1, fasting drink milk impede digestion.
Due to a larger proportion of water in the milk, empty stomach to drink more milk, diluted gastric juice is not conducive to digestion and absorption of food. Also fasting peristalsis quickly, very quickly through the gastrointestinal milk, residence time is very short, it is often too late to absorb nutrients to rush into the large intestine, only going through the motions. Therefore, fasting is drinking milk does not meet the nutritional sex massage
2, fasting drink milk unfavorable stomach.
Many breakfast is milk and eggs, and they are washing the face directly after drinking milk, fasting causes stomach time to digest milk, milk nutrition is not absorbed by the stomach, or even appear flatulence. At the same time, too much stomach acid leads to precipitation of protein denaturation, nutrient easily absorbed by the stomach, leading to severe indigestion and diarrhea. So try to put a meal on the last drink milk all the food, which will help to improve the absorption and tolerability.
3, fasting drink milk will produce harmful substances.
If fasting drink milk, only milk rapidly excreted from the stomach, but also high-quality protein is decomposed body is consumed as heat, which can not fully play its due role in protein. Some amino acids in the small intestine was not enough time to absorb into the large intestine, large intestine these proteins and amino acids are broken down into corruption of harmful substances, increasing the burden on the human body.
4, fasting drink milk can cause nutrient spa
The reason why fasting can not drink milk at breakfast time, is due to sleep at night after a long rest in our stomach emptying, and have been fully ready to eat food digestion. So this time gastric emptying quickly, and milk belonging fluid milk food, after drinking in the stomach has not yet been fully digested and absorbed into the intestine was, resulting in the loss of nutrients and waste a great extent.
Morning proper way to drink milk
1, with food and drink, and drink as much as possible the final.
Best to eat some milk before drinking or eating cereals drinking the milk in the stomach mixed with other foods, residence time in the gastrointestinal, beneficial to digestion and absorption of nutrients.
2, drink milk to pay attention to the food mix.
Tannin containing milk should not eat the same food, such as tea, persimmon, etc. These foods reactive form lumps and milk, affecting digestion.
3, pay attention to the amount of milk consumed.
In general, adults one day should drink 400 to 500 ml, ie two bottles (bags) milk, drink at least about 250 ml, namely a bottle (bag) milk, preferably not more than 1000 ml, otherwise the nutrients all difficult to absorb.
4, bogey and fried food with.
Breakfast is mainly Chinese residents in a variety of fried foods-based, such as fritters, Ma ball, cake, etc., these are the everyday life of the most commonly eaten foods. But experts have warned that these foods do not eat at the same time with the milk, otherwise it will not only lead to the loss of nutrients in milk, and even may therefore lead to elevated male massage videos