Why traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease?

1, regulating yin and yang to find their own way
Chinese medicine doctor, to judge a person is not a peaceful state of yin and yang, from voice, pace, eye contact, and his whole attitude of doing things. Nobody temper, but later he lost his temper, their psychological adjustment can not affect the physiological state of the person.
A man who is an imbalance of yin and yang of it? For example, a person does not pay me, this encounter afterwards, the toilet urinate there have been difficulties, urine can not get out, because the liver is pressed, lung can not be issued, the bladder through the loss of power, and there have been some physiological performance this time it shows that the people he needs to adjust the yin and yang.
Chinese medicine treatment is not all medication, as well as acupuncture, massage; sometimes use "if" is chatting; there's time for the patient to do some things, such as volunteer work, you can cure, because the ease mood; also look at poetry do "Yi Jin Jing", "24 solar terms guide map", in many ways, to find a suitable way.
2, Chinese medicine through the "partial correction" treatment of a disease
Let's say the traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is talking about "Medicinal and Edible." Our ancestors Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, I saw something very sweet, tasty, but also to eat, provide the ability to grow in our lives, and that this is the food.gay massage
Something to eat bitterness, diarrhea after eating, the food can not be done, because it has a bias. Who can as a food, taste basically relatively mild, somewhat calm yin and yang thing.
So there is some bias in how to do things? TCM, as a medicine to cure migraine migraine. When the body's yin and yang imbalance, when there is bias to use drugs to treat diseases bias.
After eating a drug, will be healthy body heat, which is hot medicine to treat cold diseases; eating a drug body chills, cold hands and feet, it is the heat, the heat can treat diseases; After a drug head feel bloated, and it is an upward trend in medicine, you can treat diseases such as atmospheric subsidence; a drug eating descendants feel boring, play soft legs, this is a settlement drugs to treat hyperactivity and other floating up manifestations of the disease.
So in theory, any drug that effects are based on the partial correction. Chinese medicine must be partial, and therefore no medicine can cure all diseases panacea, or people after eating live forever, even a drug can treat a disease, because the only cause of the disease and the medicinal properties corresponding exactly when, medication only to treat, but the basic cause are complex, and therefore the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, there is no a drug corresponding to a disease.
3, the food is the best health care products
For everyone to share two health care products, I feel so many years, basically on these two foods is relatively peaceful, long-term eating for most people is no problem - called rice, called flour, they are flat in nature. Especially Asians, our ancestors are carbohydrate-based, so food must be enough. If not enough food for the entire body, working status will be affected. Now a lot of young people to lose weight, do not eat the staple food, the first one is to rebound; second, girls menstrual affected.
Then northwest, Gansu, Shaanxi area is saline. The lack of some trace elements in soil, the state let the researchers to research and see what there is growing lack of food, and then doing the appropriate supplement, so do not eat people missing, a bit like the practice of iodized salt. Researchers tracked for three years, look at the leaves of crops because of a lack of trace elements, is a long circle around the piebald, but chemical test found trace elements in fruit crops substantially no shortage.
Later we came to understand, when the lack of nutrients in the soil when the plant will supply all the nutrients are its seeds, the mother of her generation to ensure adequate nutrition. This shows two things: first, the grain is a very good thing, the food is the essence of plants, especially for Asians is very important; the second, indicating the great maternal love, the mother will give children the best of everything. So do not lack food, and even weight loss, night must eat staple food. Night is best not to drink porridge, eat dry, promote gastric peristalsis, digestion so the next day will be better.gay bar
4, through its own psychological and physiological adjustment to achieve a healthy
A healthy person look unhealthy, there are two ways: one is in accordance with the argument of modern medicine, laboratory, biochemical indices see how, you can refer to this method, but more important is their own experience, their own state how. Attitude my language, eye contact, pace, energy, problem solving, and the ability to resolve external interference is strong, which is a standard real health.
Some people might biochemical markers is not high, but he was long in a state of fatigue, aches and pains, do not want to eat, whole normal laboratory indicators, on this very common clinical situation. He is physically uncomfortable, but they can not find sick. If according to indicators, he is a normal person, but according to Chinese medicine theory say that he is not a normal state, he is the yin and yang disharmony, the body in a low metabolic state.
Current medical check indicators know, just the tip of the iceberg. The human body is wonderful, there are many things we have not yet seen. But our efforts through psychological and physiological regulation, allowing the body to outside of the regulatory function, to achieve a more balanced state, we can be more health and longevity of existence.gay sauna